Ashish Kacholia's portfolio and holdings


Ashish Kacholia is known more for his absence from the media cycles, avoiding interviews and journalists. He has said that he likes his portfolio to speak for itself, and has recently built a reputation for being the "whiz-kid" of stock markets. Kacholia has investments in over twenty stocks, and has a varied portfolio that includes hospitality, education, infra and manufacturing stocks.

Fondly called the ‘Big Whale’ by media, Kacholia started out with Prime Securities and later joined Edelweiss before incorporating his own broking firm, Lucky Securities in 1995.  He co-founded Hungama Digital with Rakesh Jhunjhunwala in 1999 and started building his own portfolio from 2003. 

As per corporate shareholdings filed for June 30, 2017, Ashish Kacholia publicly holds 21 stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 401.2 Cr.

These are shares held by Ashish Kacholia as per the shareholding data filed with the exchanges. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

Click here to see Ashish Kacholia's March 2017 shareholdings.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
APL Apollo Tubes Ltd. Ashish Kacholia1722.25549,5872.33% 0.00 94.7 Cr
Aptech Ltd. Ashish Kacholia105.70903,1792.26% 0.00 9.5 Cr
Ashiana Housing Ltd. Ashish Kacholia68.001,285,3441.26% 0.00 8.7 Cr
DFM Foods Ltd. Ashish Kacholia185.00107,2121.07% -0.10 2.0 Cr
Ester Industries Ltd. Ashish Kacholia57.101,503,1211.80% 0.00 8.6 Cr
Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd. Sushmita Ashish Kacholia26.504,566,2521.78% 0.00 12.1 Cr
GHCL Ltd. Ashish Kacholia164.201,500,0001.54% 0.03 24.6 Cr
GTPL Hathway Ltd. Ashish Kacholia70.051,638,6071.46% NEW 11.5 Cr
KEI Industries Ltd. Ashish Kacholia385.651,805,2302.32% 0.43 69.6 Cr
Lokesh Machines Ltd. Ashish Kacholia & Sushmita Ashish Kacholia26.551,075,0006.31% 5.14 2.9 Cr
Majesco Ltd. Ashish Kacholia366.35383,3401.63% -0.01 14.0 Cr
Mold-Tek Packaging Ltd. Ashish Kacholia202.40563,2032.03% NEW 11.4 Cr
NOCIL Ltd. Ashish Kacholia104.305,140,0083.13% 0.31 53.6 Cr
Parag Milk Foods Ltd. Ashish Kacholia92.051,699,9952.02% 0.00 15.6 Cr
Pokarna Ltd. Ashish Kacholia148.25465,0867.50% 0.00 6.9 Cr
Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd. Ashish Kacholia61.701,073,5873.94% 0.00 6.6 Cr
Shreyas Shipping & Logistics Ltd. Ashish Kacholia62.95425,0001.94% -0.45 2.7 Cr
S P Apparels Ltd. Ashish Kacholia79.001,125,0004.47% 0.00 8.9 Cr
Time Technoplast Ltd. Ashish Kacholia39.352,500,0001.11% NEW 9.8 Cr
Vadilal Industries Ltd. Ashish Kacholia516.85381,1835.30% 0.00 19.7 Cr
Vishnu Chemicals Ltd. Ashish Kacholia137.45558,7934.68% NEW 7.7 Cr
UFO Moviez India Ltd. Ashish Kacholia76.70-Below 1% First Time
Zen Technologies Ltd. Ashish Kacholia52.35-Below 1% First Time
Vivimed Labs Ltd. Ashish Kacholia12.30-Below 1% First Time
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