Anil Kumar Goel's portfolio and holdings

As per corporate shareholdings filed for June 30, 2017, Anil Kumar Goel holds 37 stocks with a networth of over Rs. 992.79 Cr.

Shares held by Anil Kumar Goel as of June 30, 2017. This is as per the corporate filings. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
ADOR FONTECH LTD. Anil Kumar Goel97.50275,0001.57%0.002.68 Cr
Amarjothi Spinning Mills Limited Anil Kumar Goel188.65314,0004.65%0.005.92 Cr
AUSTIN ENGINEERING CO.LTD. Anil Kumar Goel70.30105,1003.02%0.0073.89 L
Cosmo Films Limited Anil Kumar Goel439.90607,0003.12%-0.2826.7 Cr
Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited Anil Kumar Goel229.654,680,0007.05%0.90107.48 Cr
Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited Anil Kumar Goel447.15792,0004.21%2.2735.41 Cr
G.K.CONSULTANTS LTD. Anil Kumar Goel5.9830,0000.56%0.001.79 L
GRP Limited Anil Kumar Goel1380.5020,6001.55%0.002.84 Cr
IG Petrochemicals Limited Anil Kumar Goel484.35577,0001.87%NEW27.95 Cr
INDSIL HYDRO POWER AND MANGANESE LTD. Anil Kumar Goel89.00600,0003.78%0.005.34 Cr
JBM Auto Limited Anil Kumar Goel363.95720,0001.76%0.0026.2 Cr
KG DENIM LTD. Anil Kumar Goel76.70490,0001.91%0.003.76 Cr
KRBL Limited Anil Kumar Goel444.509,246,0003.93%0.01410.98 Cr
LG Balakrishnan & Bros Limited Anil Kumar Goel768.00216,0001.38%-0.2316.59 Cr
MAJESTIC AUTO LTD. Anil Kumar Goel109.60243,0002.34%0.182.66 Cr
MAZDA LTD. Anil Kumar Goel418.20104,0002.44%0.004.35 Cr
MM Forgings Limited Anil Kumar Goel636.00164,0001.36%0.0010.43 Cr
O. P. Chains Ltd Anil Kumar Goel17.00150,0002.19%0.0025.5 L
Panama Petrochem Limited Anil Kumar Goel157.45590,0002.10%0.009.29 Cr
SAMTEX FASHIONS LTD. Anil Kumar Goel5.725,758,5007.73%1.073.29 Cr
Sanghvi Movers Limited Anil Kumar Goel244.80454,0001.05%0.0011.11 Cr
Sarla Performance Fibers Limited Anil Kumar Goel49.602,734,7503.28%0.0013.56 Cr
SHILP GRAVURES LTD. Anil Kumar Goel128.7065,0001.06%-0.0583.66 L
Shivam Autotech Limited Anil Kumar Goel69.701,600,0001.60%-0.2011.15 Cr
SRI LAKSHMI SARASWATHI TEXTILES (ARNI) LTD. Anil Kumar Goel54.15184,1005.52%0.0099.69 L
Srikalahasthi Pipes Limited Anil Kumar Goel371.95910,0002.29%-0.0933.85 Cr
Star Paper Mills Limited Anil Kumar Goel203.10309,0001.98%0.616.28 Cr
Sterling Tools Limited Anil Kumar Goel265.901,095,0003.20%-0.4629.12 Cr
SOUTH INDIA PAPER MILLS LTD. Anil Kumar Goel100.80900,0006.00%0.009.07 Cr
Swelect Energy Systems Limited Anil Kumar Goel573.00102,0001.01%0.005.84 Cr
TCPL PACKAGING LTD. Anil Kumar Goel683.45807,0009.28%0.0155.15 Cr
Technocraft Industries (India) Limited Anil Kumar Goel444.90275,0001.05%-0.0112.23 Cr
Thirumalai Chemicals Limited Anil Kumar Goel1062.25230,0002.25%0.0024.43 Cr
Uttam Sugar Mills Limited Anil Kumar Goel & Anil Kumar Goel Huf .147.901,697,0004.45%1.9925.1 Cr
Vardhman Holdings Limited Anil Kumar Goel3323.0091,4702.87%-0.0730.4 Cr
Vardhman Special Steels Limited Anil Kumar Goel151.501,370,0004.26%0.4420.76 Cr
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