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Quarter ending Jun 30, 2020, by industry

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Analysis of which industries have performed the best and worst on the basis of sales/revenues, profits and profit margins. Only companies which have declared results in the current quarter are considered for this analysis.

Note: Industry-level growth metrics have been calculated by totaling the numbers of all companies in that industry, to get an average.

5.5 %
40.2 %
33.2 %
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Stock Market Capitalization in CrOperating Revenues Qtr CrRevenue Growth Qtr YoY %Net Profit Qtr CrNet Profit Qtr Growth YoY %Operating Profit Growth Qtr YoY %EBIDT growth YoY %Operating Profit Margin Growth YoY %Last Result Updated
Aurionpro Solutions Ltd. 163.02   08-Sep-2020
California Software Compan... 9.27   27-Aug-2020
Cambridge Technology Enter... 46.72   03-Sep-2020
Cybertech Systems & Softwa... 171.60   13-Aug-2020
Datamatics Global Services... 465.41   10-Sep-2020
Genesys International Corp... 185.93   09-Aug-2020
Proseed India Ltd. 2.88   15-Sep-2020
Mastek Ltd. 2174.60   30-Jul-2020
Megasoft Ltd. 33.20   12-Sep-2020
Nucleus Software Exports Ltd. 2012.33   07-Aug-2020
RS Software (India) Ltd. 55.40   21-Aug-2020
Saksoft Ltd. 388.20   10-Aug-2020
Pan India Corporation Ltd. 4.29   21-Aug-2020
Subex Ltd. 688.45   10-Aug-2020
Tanla Solutions Ltd. 4181.77   12-Aug-2020
Tata Elxsi Ltd. 8108.39   21-Jul-2020
Usha Martin Education & So... 3.04   25-Aug-2020
Intellect Design Arena Ltd. 2724.46   05-Aug-2020
Zen Technologies Ltd. 635.41   09-Aug-2020
Brightcom Group Ltd. 312.21   09-Sep-2020
Palred Technologies Ltd. 22.38   01-Sep-2020
Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. 1040.41   10-Aug-2020
Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. 376.37   11-Sep-2020
TechNVision Ventures Ltd. 65.51   06-Sep-2020
Netlink Solutions (India) ... 2.90   16-Jul-2020
Nettlinx Ltd. 60.24   14-Sep-2020
Cranes Software Internatio... 5.30   16-Sep-2020
Avance Technologies Ltd. 9.71   15-Sep-2020
Cressanda Solutions Ltd. 8.50   30-Aug-2020
Mindteck (India) Ltd. 75.25   14-Aug-2020
Athena Global Technologies... 31.92   28-Aug-2020
Elnet Technologies Ltd. 46.38   19-Aug-2020
Svam Software Ltd. 1.44   15-Sep-2020
Datasoft Application Softw... 0.21   05-Aug-2020
Odyssey Technologies Ltd. 24.30   07-Aug-2020
TeleCanor Global Ltd. 11.06   15-Sep-2020
CLIO Infotech Ltd. 1.06   21-Aug-2020
Ram Info Ltd. 8.76   17-Sep-2020
Nihar Info Global Ltd. 3.79   16-Sep-2020
VirtualSoft Systems Ltd. 1.67   15-Aug-2020
ABM Knowledgeware Ltd. 227.83   24-Aug-2020
Xtglobal Infotech Ltd. 250.13   24-Jul-2020
B2B Software Technologies ... 12.85   14-Aug-2020
Advent Computer Services Ltd. 1.81   26-Aug-2020
CG-VAK Software & Exports ... 40.50   20-Aug-2020
ACE Software Exports Ltd. 5.76   14-Aug-2020
Hindustan Bio Sciences Ltd. 3.28   09-Aug-2020
Indo-City Infotech Ltd. 1.14   27-Aug-2020
Intense Technologies Ltd. 69.13   22-Aug-2020
Danlaw Technologies India ... 26.47   22-Aug-2020
Baron Infotech Ltd. 0.26   15-Sep-2020
Omni Ax's Software Ltd. 3.10   16-Sep-2020
Softsol India Ltd. 92.39   14-Aug-2020
Virgo Global Ltd. 0.49   17-Aug-2020
Hit Kit Global Solutions Ltd. 1.00   16-Sep-2020
Virinchi Ltd. 121.07   09-Aug-2020
Firstobject Technologies Ltd. 7.89   14-Aug-2020
USG Tech Solutions Ltd. 8.55   18-Aug-2020
Saven Technologies Ltd. 16.32   13-Aug-2020
MosChip Technologies Ltd. 218.23   21-Jul-2020
T. Spiritual World Ltd. 0.48   12-Aug-2020
Sankhya Infotech Ltd. 5.18   15-Sep-2020
Response Informatics Ltd. 5.38   16-Sep-2020
Atishay Ltd. 45.46   05-Aug-2020
Cosyn Ltd. 17.74   21-Aug-2020