Industry - Finance (including NBFCs)

Quarter ending Jun 30, 2020, by industry

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Analysis of which industries have performed the best and worst on the basis of sales/revenues, profits and profit margins. Only companies which have declared results in the current quarter are considered for this analysis.

Note: Industry-level growth metrics have been calculated by totaling the numbers of all companies in that industry, to get an average.

6.4 %
8.4 %
8.3 %
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Stock Market Capitalization in CrOperating Revenues Qtr CrRevenue Growth Qtr YoY %Net Profit Qtr CrNet Profit Qtr Growth YoY %Operating Profit Growth Qtr YoY %EBIDT growth YoY %Operating Profit Margin Growth YoY %Last Result Updated
Bajaj Finance Ltd. 200242.41   21-Jul-2020
Capri Global Capital Ltd. 3991.33   01-Aug-2020
Cholamandalam Investment &... 20404.46   30-Jul-2020
Crest Ventures Ltd. 233.29   23-Sep-2020
Gujarat Lease Financing Ltd. 7.87   08-Aug-2020
IDFC Ltd. 5076.42   27-Aug-2020
Industrial Investment Trus... 119.50   23-Sep-2020
Keynote Financial Services... 20.23   18-Aug-2020
Mahindra & Mahindra Financ... 7698.00   19-Jul-2020
Magma Fincorp Ltd. 924.45   10-Aug-2020
Manappuram Finance Ltd. 13244.28   29-Jul-2020
Motilal Oswal Financial Se... 9460.90   01-Aug-2020
Motor & General Finance Ltd. 59.64   13-Aug-2020
Muthoot Finance Ltd. 43705.01   19-Aug-2020
Nalwa Sons Investments Ltd. 375.84   14-Sep-2020
Power Finance Corporation ... 23219.50   13-Aug-2020
PTC India Financial Servic... 1152.90   05-Aug-2020
PNB Gilts Ltd. 732.64   05-Aug-2020
REC Ltd. 20163.93   07-Aug-2020
Sakthi Finance Ltd. 92.53   17-Sep-2020
Paisalo Digital Ltd. 1757.45   14-Aug-2020
Shriram City Union Finance... 6265.05   11-Aug-2020
SREI Infrastructure Financ... 347.13   14-Sep-2020
Shriram Transport Finance ... 13956.52   13-Aug-2020
Sundaram Finance Ltd. 14653.49   10-Aug-2020
TCI Finance Ltd. 5.53   21-Sep-2020
Cholamandalam Financial Ho... 7620.62   12-Aug-2020
Vardhman Holdings Ltd. 414.16   12-Aug-2020
Muthoot Capital Services Ltd. 635.96   28-Jul-2020
Satin Creditcare Network Ltd. 287.78   02-Sep-2020
Ujjivan Financial Services... 2583.62   10-Aug-2020
Utique Enterprises Ltd. 6.40   11-Sep-2020
FGP Ltd. 1.19   14-Aug-2020
Jaykay Enterprises Ltd. 14.85   21-Aug-2020
Rama Petrochemicals Ltd. 3.95   14-Aug-2020
Jayabharat Credit Ltd. 1.00   05-Aug-2020
Standard Batteries Ltd. 2.74   11-Sep-2020
Alfred Herbert (India) Ltd. 43.20   23-Sep-2020
Goldcrest Corporation Ltd. 38.69   11-Aug-2020
Mangal Credit And Fincorp ... 85.75   17-Sep-2020
Finkurve Financial Service... 608.92   16-Sep-2020
Voltaire Leasing & Finance... 7.84   15-Sep-2020
Madhusudan Securities Ltd. 1.28   15-Aug-2020
Wall Street Finance Ltd. 16.35   13-Aug-2020
India Cements Capital Ltd. 7.81   21-Aug-2020
Meglon Infra-Real (India) ... 1.96   29-Aug-2020
Mehta Integrated Finance Ltd. 2.72   13-Aug-2020
Capital Trust Ltd. 98.76   17-Sep-2020
Regency Trust Ltd. 1.98   02-Sep-2020
Avonmore Capital & Managem... 25.22   23-Sep-2020
Palsoft Infosystems Ltd. 1.03   12-Sep-2020
ISL Consulting Ltd. 27.77   09-Sep-2020
DCM Financial Services Ltd. 2.43   12-Sep-2020
RR Financial Consultants Ltd. 9.63   12-Sep-2020
IM+ Capitals Ltd. 18.82   15-Sep-2020
Sugal & Damani Share Broke... 5.21   15-Sep-2020
Parsharti Investment Ltd. 1.58   12-Aug-2020
Escorts Finance Ltd. 11.85   10-Aug-2020
Ugro Capital Ltd. 694.35   12-Aug-2020
Abirami Financial Services... 1.94   09-Aug-2020
Saraswati Commercial (Indi... 72.23   23-Sep-2020
Shree Global Tradefin Ltd. 176.62   10-Sep-2020
Futuristic Securities Ltd. 3.13   04-Sep-2020
Maha Rashtra Apex Corporat... 70.53   15-Sep-2020
Pacheli Industrial Finance... 1.19   04-Sep-2020
Trans Financial Resources ... 28.75   16-Sep-2020
The Investment Trust of In... 704.13   29-Aug-2020
Titan Securities Ltd. 18.54   09-Sep-2020
CSL Finance Ltd. 134.40   17-Sep-2020
Anupam Finserv Ltd. 8.13   17-Sep-2020
Moongipa Capital Finance Ltd. 0.84   17-Sep-2020
Atharv Enterprises Ltd. 1.24   07-Aug-2020
Aryaman Financial Services... 55.49   17-Sep-2020
Rich Universe Network Ltd. 4.75   06-Aug-2020
EPIC Energy Ltd. 3.78   18-Aug-2020
Siddha Ventures Ltd. 1.49   16-Sep-2020
GSL Securities Ltd. 1.17   16-Sep-2020
AK Capital Services Ltd. 175.73   18-Aug-2020
U Y Fincorp Ltd. 48.13   23-Sep-2020
Jagsonpal Finance & Leasin... 1.40   13-Aug-2020
KLG Capital Services Ltd. 3.68   12-Sep-2020
Ceejay Finance Ltd. 61.15   23-Sep-2020
CIL Securities Ltd. 5.31   14-Aug-2020
Capital India Finance Ltd. 979.45   31-Jul-2020
JPT Securities Ltd. 2.89   12-Sep-2020
Swarna Securities Ltd. 3.55   09-Aug-2020
Vintage Securities Ltd. 4.66   22-Aug-2020
Contil India Ltd. 3.22   09-Aug-2020
Alfavision Overseas (India... 8.04   15-Sep-2020
SKP Securities Ltd. 14.64   09-Sep-2020
Mefcom Capital Markets Ltd. 7.54   30-Aug-2020
Arman Financial Services Ltd. 460.87   31-Aug-2020
Comfort Intech Ltd. 16.16   11-Sep-2020
Rander Corporation Ltd. 13.99   16-Sep-2020
Aneri Fincap Ltd. 1.95   16-Sep-2020
Nikki Global Finance Ltd. 1.73   07-Aug-2020
Trishakti Electronics & In... 2.99   12-Aug-2020
Integra Capital Management... 21.07   11-Sep-2020
Maruti Securities Ltd. 0.75   21-Aug-2020
Choice International Ltd. 207.35   05-Sep-2020
Mega Corporation Ltd. 4.90   16-Sep-2020
Amit Securities Ltd. 1.24   15-Sep-2020
Rap Media Ltd. 5.75   16-Sep-2020
Bampsl Securities Ltd. 2.59   17-Sep-2020
Thirdwave Financial Interm... 6.12   06-Aug-2020
Trijal Industries Ltd. 1.18   16-Sep-2020
Anjani Finance Ltd. 0.99   22-Sep-2020
Shree Metalloys Ltd. 12.09   27-Aug-2020
Odyssey Corporation Ltd. 2.84   12-Sep-2020
Unistar Multimedia Ltd. 0.82   26-Aug-2020
Sagar Productions Ltd. 19.47   15-Sep-2020
Vaarad Ventures Ltd. 109.96   10-Sep-2020
Balmer Lawrie Investments ... 767.14   04-Sep-2020
Bengal & Assam Company Ltd. 1396.11   11-Aug-2020
KIFS Financial Services Ltd. 47.33   23-Sep-2020
B P Capital Ltd. 0.74   12-Sep-2020
Mangalam Industrial Financ... 28.85   23-Sep-2020
Viji Finance Ltd. 4.13   07-Sep-2020
Sharp Investments Ltd. 4.84   14-Aug-2020
Amarnath Securities Ltd. 5.13   27-Aug-2020
Vistar Amar Ltd. 11.04   05-Sep-2020
Purshottam Investofin Ltd. 6.10   23-Jul-2020
Suchitra Finance & Trading... 26.38   23-Sep-2020
Vibrant Global Capital Ltd. 31.83   23-Sep-2020
Niyogin Fintech Ltd. 577.39   24-Jul-2020
Continental Securities Ltd. 3.30   18-Aug-2020
Sonal Mercantile Ltd. 29.85   23-Sep-2020
Abhinav Leasing & Finance ... 3.65   14-Sep-2020
Rajputana Investment & Fin... 4.85   15-Sep-2020
Paul Merchants Ltd. 118.65   18-Aug-2020
Sujala Trading & Holdings ... 4.69   15-Sep-2020
Helpage Finlease Ltd. 10.23   09-Sep-2020
Authum Investment & Infras... 151.02   01-Sep-2020
Boston Leasing and Finance... 3.55   26-Aug-2020
Krishna Capital & Securiti... 0.86   27-Aug-2020
Acme Resources Ltd. 25.56   23-Sep-2020
Kuber Udyog Ltd. 0.23   05-Sep-2020
Rajkot Investment Trust Ltd. 1.30   20-Aug-2020
RGF Capital Markets Ltd. 28.50   14-Aug-2020
Kapil Raj Finance Ltd. 3.31   15-Sep-2020
Interactive Financial Serv... 4.02   16-Sep-2020
Shivom Investment & Consul... 5.60   16-Sep-2020
Superior Finlease Ltd. 29.50   09-Sep-2020
Sterling Guaranty & Financ... 3.35   05-Sep-2020
Prism Medico and Pharmacy ... 10.65   13-Aug-2020
Vani Commercials Ltd. 1.42   09-Sep-2020
Mas Financial Services Ltd. 4403.02   13-Aug-2020
Indostar Capital Finance Ltd. 3446.30   13-Aug-2020
Shree Worstex Ltd. -   21-Aug-2020
CreditAccess Grameen Ltd. 10108.69   03-Aug-2020