Industry - Finance (including NBFCs) / Quarter ending Mar 31, 2023, by industry

Analysis of which industries have performed the best and worst on the basis of sales/revenues, profits and profit margins. Only companies which have declared results in the current quarter are considered for this analysis.

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Note: Industry-level growth metrics have been calculated by totaling the numbers of all companies in that industry, to get an average.

13.2 %
40.1 %
34.3 %
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Stock Market Capitalization in Cr Operating Revenues Qtr Cr Revenue Growth Qtr YoY % Net Profit Qtr Cr Net Profit Qtr Growth YoY % Operating Profit Growth Qtr YoY % EBIDT Qtr growth YoY % Operating Profit Qtr Margin YoY Change Last Result Updated
Bajaj Finance Ltd. 424151.59 26-Apr-2023
Capri Global Capital Ltd. 14590.01 23-May-2023
Cholamandalam Investment &... 86010.09 04-May-2023
Consolidated Finvest & Hol... 434.47 22-May-2023
Crest Ventures Ltd. 526.46 27-May-2023
Gujarat Lease Financing Ltd. 7.73 12-May-2023
HB Stockholdings Ltd. 33.87 26-May-2023
IDFC Ltd. 15863.85 04-May-2023
Industrial Investment Trus... 214.20 29-May-2023
Keynote Financial Services... 67.83 29-May-2023
Mahindra & Mahindra Financ... 35354.69 28-Apr-2023
Poonawalla Fincorp Ltd. 26110.23 26-Apr-2023
Manappuram Finance Ltd. 9399.21 12-May-2023
Motilal Oswal Financial Se... 9371.71 28-Apr-2023
Motor & General Finance Ltd. 106.11 29-May-2023
Muthoot Finance Ltd. 44817.68 19-May-2023
Nalwa Sons Investments Ltd. 1140.98 30-May-2023
Piramal Enterprises Ltd. 18564.46 05-May-2023
Power Finance Corporation ... 47825.07 27-May-2023
PTC India Financial Servic... 1027.65 19-May-2023
PNB Gilts Ltd. 1081.86 03-May-2023
REC Ltd. 36957.30 17-May-2023
Reliance Capital Ltd. 226.17 30-May-2023
Sakthi Finance Ltd. 194.12 27-May-2023
Paisalo Digital Ltd. 2541.46 11-May-2023
SREI Infrastructure Financ... 98.10 17-May-2023
Pan India Corporation Ltd. 39.21 30-May-2023
Shriram Finance Ltd. 53048.86 28-Apr-2023
Sundaram Finance Ltd. 28427.04 26-May-2023
TCI Finance Ltd. 3.54 15-May-2023
Transwarranty Finance Ltd. 28.78 29-May-2023
Times Guaranty Ltd. 47.12 22-May-2023
Vardhman Holdings Ltd. 840.23 20-May-2023
Muthoot Capital Services Ltd. 549.35 19-May-2023
Satin Creditcare Network Ltd. 1527.78 02-May-2023
Ujjivan Financial Services... 4499.66 18-May-2023
Jaykay Enterprises Ltd. 225.61 30-May-2023
Jayabharat Credit Ltd. 2.22 24-May-2023
Dhenu Buildcon Infra Ltd. 3.50 02-May-2023
Mangal Credit And Fincorp ... 219.50 24-May-2023
Finkurve Financial Service... 1173.44 20-May-2023
Voltaire Leasing & Finance... 5.10 18-May-2023
Easy Fincorp Ltd. 15.66 22-May-2023
WSFx Global Pay Ltd. 41.50 20-May-2023
RKD Agri & Retail Ltd. 2.07 26-May-2023
India Cements Capital Ltd. 30.08 25-May-2023
VCK Capital Market Service... 31.00 22-May-2023
Capital Trust Ltd. 113.55 29-May-2023
Morarka Finance Ltd. 56.84 27-Apr-2023
Som Datt Finance Corporati... 205.96 18-May-2023
Regency Trust Ltd. 2.32 24-May-2023
DCM Financial Services Ltd. 10.62 24-May-2023
RR Financial Consultants Ltd. 11.12 19-May-2023
Sugal & Damani Share Broke... 9.50 26-May-2023
Standard Capital Markets Ltd. 414.05 30-May-2023
Escorts Finance Ltd. 20.04 09-May-2023
Baid Finserv Ltd. 433.69 20-May-2023
Ugro Capital Ltd. 2127.82 15-May-2023
Abirami Financial Services... 18.53 02-May-2023
Seven Hill Industries Ltd. 7.02 30-May-2023
Master Trust Ltd. 314.01 27-May-2023
Saraswati Commercial (Indi... 247.37 25-May-2023
Ashirwad Capital Ltd. 21.00 05-May-2023
Shardul Securities Ltd. 164.31 30-May-2023
Sera Investments & Finance... 140.10 05-May-2023
Shree Global Tradefin Ltd. 1027.88 28-Apr-2023
Polytex India Ltd. 4.32 29-May-2023
Oasis Securities Ltd. 23.56 29-May-2023
Williamson Financial Servi... 3.99 29-May-2023
Futuristic Securities Ltd. 3.53 29-May-2023
Intec Capital Ltd. 34.93 29-May-2023
Indo Credit Capital Ltd. 1.24 29-May-2023
Last Mile Enterprises Ltd. 154.00 30-May-2023
The Investment Trust of In... 461.04 09-May-2023
CSL Finance Ltd. 421.18 16-May-2023
Atharv Enterprises Ltd. 4.03 23-May-2023
Aryaman Financial Services... 178.97 30-May-2023
Rich Universe Network Ltd. 7.25 30-May-2023
S P Capital Financing Ltd. 10.05 22-May-2023
Siddha Ventures Ltd. 4.00 30-May-2023
AK Capital Services Ltd. 329.93 29-May-2023
Agarwal Fortune India Ltd. 2.76 26-May-2023
CIL Securities Ltd. 13.00 25-Apr-2023
Capital India Finance Ltd. 752.86 02-May-2023
Visagar Financial Services... 58.98 03-May-2023
Vintage Securities Ltd. 3.59 09-May-2023
United Credit Ltd. 8.36 30-May-2023
Gemstone Investments Ltd. 5.91 30-May-2023
SKP Securities Ltd. 43.58 03-May-2023
Mefcom Capital Markets Ltd. 96.02 22-May-2023
Nalin Lease Finance Ltd. 21.12 19-May-2023
Aneri Fincap Ltd. 1.37 17-May-2023
Trishakti Electronics & In... 14.96 21-May-2023
Available Finance Ltd. 156.83 30-May-2023
Integra Capital Management... 9.53 30-May-2023
Maruti Securities Ltd. 3.63 15-May-2023
Choice International Ltd. 3631.69 04-May-2023
Bampsl Securities Ltd. 40.74 16-May-2023
Thirdwave Financial Interm... 6.68 13-Apr-2023
Greencrest Financial Servi... 23.39 22-May-2023
Odyssey Corporation Ltd. 26.71 23-May-2023
Adinath Exim Resources Ltd. 7.75 10-May-2023
Abhinav Capital Services Ltd. 64.23 29-May-2023
Inditrade Capital Ltd. 64.32 26-May-2023
Bengal & Assam Company Ltd. 5360.66 29-May-2023
PMC Fincorp Ltd. 107.35 30-May-2023
Futuristic Solutions Ltd. 56.69 22-May-2023
Pyxis Finvest Ltd. 11.79 30-May-2023
Comfort Fincap Ltd. 37.11 05-May-2023
B P Capital Ltd. 4.20 30-May-2023
Mangalam Industrial Financ... 274.07 26-May-2023
Viji Finance Ltd. 15.26 03-May-2023
Sharp Investments Ltd. 27.84 27-May-2023
SPS Finquest Ltd. 91.24 11-May-2023
Moneyboxx Finance Ltd. 407.16 26-May-2023
Capital Trade Links Ltd. 140.07 18-May-2023
Vistar Amar Ltd. 101.12 30-May-2023
TTI Enterprise Ltd. 30.89 29-May-2023
Naysaa Securities Ltd. 148.10 29-May-2023
Vibrant Global Capital Ltd. 113.39 30-May-2023
Niyogin Fintech Ltd. 387.83