Industry - Textiles / Quarter ending Mar 31, 2023, by industry

Analysis of which industries have performed the best and worst on the basis of sales/revenues, profits and profit margins. Only companies which have declared results in the current quarter are considered for this analysis.

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Note: Industry-level growth metrics have been calculated by totaling the numbers of all companies in that industry, to get an average.

-14.0 %
-49.8 %
-54.4 %
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Stock Market Capitalization in Cr Operating Revenues Qtr Cr Revenue Growth Qtr YoY % Net Profit Qtr Cr Net Profit Qtr Growth YoY % Operating Profit Growth Qtr YoY % EBIDT Qtr growth YoY % Operating Profit Qtr Margin YoY Change Last Result Updated
Aarvee Denims and Exports ... 48.56 31-May-2023
Alok Industries Ltd. 6703.07 20-Apr-2023
Alps Industries Ltd. 8.21 10-May-2023
Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd. 128.08 30-May-2023
Ambika Cotton Mills Ltd. 870.20 26-May-2023
Arvind Ltd. 3334.09 18-May-2023
Ashima Ltd. 279.82 17-May-2023
Banswara Syntex Ltd. 607.45 15-May-2023
Bannari Amman Spinning Mil... 286.60 31-May-2023
Bombay Dyeing & Manufactur... 1730.76 04-May-2023
BSL Ltd. 197.46 08-May-2023
Celebrity Fashions Ltd. 77.03 20-May-2023
Century Enka Ltd. 880.58 18-May-2023
CIL Nova Petrochemicals Ltd. 52.57 31-May-2023
Donear Industries Ltd. 481.00 20-May-2023
Eastern Silk Industries Ltd. 17.37 31-May-2023
Eurotex Industries & Expor... 12.25 20-May-2023
Filatex India Ltd. 1749.89 04-May-2023
Gangotri Textile Ltd. 3.10 12-May-2023
Garware Technical Fibres Ltd. 6315.20 22-May-2023
Gillanders Arbuthnot & Com... 142.99 12-May-2023
Ginni Filaments Ltd. 202.13 26-May-2023
Gokaldas Exports Ltd. 2778.11 26-May-2023
GTN Industries Ltd. 63.11 27-May-2023
GTN Textiles Ltd. 13.04 29-May-2023
Himatsingka Seide Ltd. 1025.43 30-May-2023
Indo Count Industries Ltd. 4014.56 30-May-2023
The Indian Card Clothing C... 135.13 30-May-2023
Indo Rama Synthetics (Indi... 1245.51 16-May-2023
Jindal Worldwide Ltd. 6782.60 30-May-2023
Kandagiri Spinning Mills Ltd. 5.85 29-May-2023
KPR Mill Ltd. 20742.98 03-May-2023
Lakshmi Mills Company Ltd. 239.98 29-May-2023
Maral Overseas Ltd. 227.67 05-May-2023
Mayur Uniquoters Ltd. 2070.17 19-May-2023
Mohit Industries Ltd. 21.80 30-May-2023
Morarjee Textiles Ltd. 63.94 30-May-2023
E-Land Apparel Ltd. 28.70 31-May-2023
Nagreeka Exports Ltd. 61.25 31-May-2023
Nahar Industrial Enterpris... 464.46 31-May-2023
Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd. 990.17 30-May-2023
Nandan Denim Ltd. 296.94 30-May-2023
Nitin Spinners Ltd. 1532.56 06-May-2023
Orbit Exports Ltd. 408.59 08-May-2023
Paras Petrofils Ltd. 28.41 27-May-2023
Patspin India Ltd. 37.88 29-May-2023
Pioneer Embroideries Ltd. 102.51 26-May-2023
Precot Ltd. 220.26 26-May-2023
Mohota Industries Ltd. 6.77 01-Jun-2023
Rajapalayam Mills Ltd. 631.49 24-May-2023
Raj Rayon Industries Ltd. 3164.11 27-May-2023
Raymond Ltd. 10704.39 09-May-2023
RSWM Ltd. 949.10 26-May-2023
Ruby Mills Ltd. 631.85 30-May-2023
Salona Cotspin Ltd. 135.15 29-May-2023
Sambandam Spinning Mills Ltd. 58.74 27-May-2023
Sangam (India) Ltd. 1251.14 05-May-2023
Sarla Performance Fibers Ltd. 336.10 13-May-2023
SEL Manufacturing Company ... 464.88 31-May-2023
STL Global Ltd. 38.02 30-May-2023
Shiva Texyarn Ltd. 156.59 25-May-2023
Standard Industries Ltd. 168.54 22-May-2023
Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd. 2474.74 16-May-2023
Soma Textiles & Industries... 90.18 25-May-2023
Shekhawati Poly Yarn Ltd. 17.24 11-May-2023
Sumeet Industries Ltd. 27.98 31-May-2023
Super Sales India Ltd. 245.72 25-May-2023
Super Spinning Mills Ltd. 37.68 27-May-2023
Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills ... 114.43 30-May-2023
Sutlej Textiles & Industri... 782.28 05-May-2023
Swan Energy Ltd. 6425.06 21-May-2023
Trident Ltd. 17045.97 24-May-2023
T T Ltd. 165.32 18-May-2023
Vardhman Polytex Ltd. 113.57 31-May-2023
Visagar Polytex Ltd. 26.34 10-May-2023
Vardhman Textiles Ltd. 10439.04 05-May-2023
VTM Ltd. 212.32 04-May-2023
Weizmann Ltd. 163.90 26-May-2023
Welspun India Ltd. 9766.96 27-Apr-2023
Zenith Exports Ltd. 53.31 27-May-2023
PDS Ltd. 4570.66 12-May-2023
Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd. 2230.97 25-May-2023
Lambodhara Textiles Ltd. 190.64 29-May-2023
AYM Syntex Ltd. 375.89 05-May-2023
Prag Bosimi Synthetics Ltd. 17.18 18-May-2023
Jasch Industries Ltd. 192.61 20-May-2023
K G Denim Ltd. 67.53 26-May-2023
Mafatlal Industries Ltd. 374.17 30-May-2023
Mid India Industries Ltd. 15.97 30-May-2023
H P Cotton Textiles Mills ... 37.24 26-May-2023
Katare Spinning Mills Ltd. 65.52 31-May-2023
Pasupati Spinning & Weavin... 21.06 15-May-2023
Reliance Chemotex Industri... 131.22 26-May-2023
Victoria Mills Ltd. 29.09 26-May-2023
Shri Dinesh Mills Ltd. 297.11 30-May-2023
Shree Rajasthan Syntex Ltd. 4.45 27-May-2023
Shree Manufacturing Compan... 9.95 09-May-2023
SVP Global Textiles Ltd. 144.84 31-May-2023
Rajasthan Petro Synthetics... 2.35 27-May-2023
Blue Chip Tex Industries Ltd. 26.60 25-May-2023
Addi Industries Ltd. 37.45 30-May-2023
Ashnoor Textile Mills Ltd. 46.96 31-May-2023
Premier Synthetics Ltd. 7.58 29-May-2023
Hindoostan Mills Ltd. 35.07 16-May-2023
Swasti Vinayaka Synthetics... 63.18 31-May-2023
Aviva Industries Ltd. 4.68 31-May-2023
Betex India Ltd. 13.41 30-May-2023
Haria Exports Ltd. 5.58 30-May-2023
Himachal Fibres Ltd. 43.21 31-May-2023
Rajkamal Synthetics Ltd. 15.85 26-Apr-2023
Deepak Spinners Ltd. 167.15 25-May-2023
Loyal Textiles Mills Ltd. 318.99 29-May-2023
Evergreen Textiles Ltd. 11.76 29-May-2023
PBM Polytex Ltd. 57.77 29-May-2023
Adinath Textiles Ltd. 16.29 29-May-2023
Konark Synthetics Ltd. 8.80 31-May-2023
Suryalata Spinning Mills Ltd. 563.01 30-May-2023
Suryavanshi Spinning Mills... 11.78 23-May-2023
Uniworth Ltd. 2.89 31-May-2023
Kush Industries Ltd. 7.35 03-May-2023
Seasons Textiles Ltd. 10.75