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Quarter ending Jun 30, 2020, by industry

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Analysis of which industries have performed the best and worst on the basis of sales/revenues, profits and profit margins. Only companies which have declared results in the current quarter are considered for this analysis.

Note: Industry-level growth metrics have been calculated by totaling the numbers of all companies in that industry, to get an average.

-32.8 %
-44.2 %
-49.2 %
 Positive  Negative  Pending
Stock Market Capitalization in CrOperating Revenues Qtr CrRevenue Growth Qtr YoY %Net Profit Qtr CrNet Profit Qtr Growth YoY %Operating Profit Growth Qtr YoY %EBIDT growth YoY %Operating Profit Margin Growth YoY %Last Result Updated
Aarti Industries Ltd. 17684.49   12-Aug-2020
Alkali Metals Ltd. 46.99   04-Aug-2020
Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd. 6545.10   14-Aug-2020
Asahi Songwon Colors Ltd. 261.28   23-Jul-2020
Balaji Amines Ltd. 2616.06   12-Aug-2020
BASF India Ltd. 6543.50   06-Aug-2020
Bhansali Engineering Polym... 1203.65   04-Aug-2020
Bodal Chemicals Ltd. 811.05   14-Aug-2020
Chromatic India Ltd. 5.33   15-Sep-2020
Clariant Chemicals (India)... 765.33   14-Aug-2020
DIC India Ltd. 354.22   08-Aug-2020
Excel Industries Ltd. 1193.33   13-Aug-2020
Jayant Agro Organics Ltd. 279.00   27-Jul-2020
Kiri Industries Ltd. 1700.53   10-Aug-2020
Meghmani Organics Ltd. 2045.96   10-Aug-2020
NOCIL Ltd. 2351.66   24-Aug-2020
Omkar Speciality Chemicals... 14.61   15-Sep-2020
Pidilite Industries Ltd. 72874.24   06-Aug-2020
Plastiblends India Ltd. 502.63   24-Aug-2020
Solar Industries India Ltd. 9363.13   14-Sep-2020
INEOS Styrolution India Ltd. 875.24   13-Aug-2020
Sudarshan Chemical Industr... 3354.99   08-Aug-2020
Vikas Ecotech Ltd. 153.95   09-Aug-2020
Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd. 1391.39   10-Aug-2020
Fineotex Chemical Ltd. 353.38   21-Aug-2020
Fairchem Speciality Ltd. 2182.63   31-Jul-2020
Oricon Enterprises Ltd. 283.47   12-Sep-2020
Shree Pushkar Chemicals & ... 357.24   02-Sep-2020
Vidhi Specialty Food Ingre... 612.83   15-Aug-2020
Indokem Ltd. 28.13   25-Aug-2020
Dharamsi Morarji Chemicals... 383.83   06-Aug-2020
Keltech Energies Ltd. 51.60   14-Aug-2020
Nitta Gelatin India Ltd. 137.05   03-Aug-2020
Amal Ltd. 174.98   17-Jul-2020
Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd. 709.41   12-Aug-2020
Jaysynth Dyestuff (India) ... 34.71   15-Sep-2020
CJ Gelatine Products Ltd. 6.55   14-Aug-2020
Polson Ltd. 98.42   15-Sep-2020
Hardcastle & Waud Manufact... 14.60   18-Jul-2020
Cochin Minerals & Rutile Ltd. 96.70   22-Aug-2020
Black Rose Industries Ltd. 637.50   28-Aug-2020
Jyoti Resins & Adhesives Ltd. 86.42   25-Aug-2020
Vikas WSP Ltd. 89.95   07-Sep-2020
Standard Shoe Sole and Mou... 4.73   02-Sep-2020
Indian Toners & Developers... 117.80   25-Aug-2020
Seya Industries Ltd. 154.49   16-Sep-2020
Indo Euro Indchem Ltd. 7.97   10-Sep-2020
Poddar Pigments Ltd. 202.23   31-Aug-2020
J D Orgochem Ltd. 3.80   11-Sep-2020
AksharChem (India) Ltd. 185.34   14-Aug-2020
Titan Biotech Ltd. 122.67   06-Aug-2020
Dynamic Industries Ltd. 12.42   26-Aug-2020
Premier Explosives Ltd. 129.94   12-Sep-2020
Crestchem Ltd. 8.66   07-Sep-2020
Narmada Gelatines Ltd. 102.49   14-Sep-2020
Dai Ichi Karkaria Ltd. 215.01   09-Sep-2020
Fundviser Capital (India) ... 2.58   25-Aug-2020
Tinna Rubber and Infrastru... 12.46   16-Sep-2020
Vipul Organics Ltd. 102.47   16-Sep-2020
Daikaffil Chemicals India ... 17.37   14-Aug-2020
Chembond Chemicals Ltd. 205.83   14-Jul-2020
Ishan Dyes & Chemicals Ltd. 62.20   23-Jul-2020
Organic Coatings Ltd. 3.75   16-Sep-2020
Kemistar Corporation Ltd. 44.92   14-Sep-2020
India Gelatine & Chemicals... 66.88   21-Aug-2020
Pratiksha Chemicals Ltd. 4.18   12-Sep-2020
Generic Pharmasec Ltd. 301.78   08-Sep-2020
Dynemic Products Ltd. 296.46   21-Aug-2020
Paushak Ltd. 1219.33   04-Aug-2020
AVI Polymers Ltd. 1.98   08-Sep-2020
Yash Chemex Ltd. 58.33   14-Aug-2020
Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. 6720.97   11-Aug-2020
Yasho Industries Ltd. 143.05   18-Aug-2020
Fine Organic Industries Ltd. 8194.50   12-Aug-2020
Neogen Chemicals Ltd. 1565.63   08-Aug-2020