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Orient Refractories Ltd.    
31 May 2021
CD Equisearch
The World Steel Association (WSA) forecasts the global steel demand to grow by 5.8% in 2021 primarily supported by a robust consumption growth of 9.1% in China and by substantial fiscal stimulus measures in most of the advanced economies. Domestically, India's steel demand is expected to rebound by 19.8% in 2021 21 after declining 13.7% in 2020, while the growth in 2022 is expected to be lower at 5.9%. The economy has been recovering strongly since August last year, much sharper than...
Orient Refractories Ltd. has gained 57.09% in the last 6 Months
Deepak Nitrite Ltd.    
24 May 2021
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Bolstered by phenolics and fine & speciality chemicals business, DNL's income from operations rose apace in Q4 with the phenolics accounting for nearly two-thirds of the whole. Swiftly pacing, its phenol business logged capacity utilization in excess of 115% when compared to 98% in the same quarter a year ago. With little scoping of draining out reward of operating leverage at such record production churn, its EBIT margins admirably...
Deepak Nitrite Ltd. is trading above it's 200 day SMA of 1195.4
Crude Oil    
SECTOR | 29 Apr 2021
Can Fin Homes Ltd.    
27 Apr 2021
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As the Covid 19 laden economy started recovering, covering, disbursements grew in Q3 from Q2 (Rs 1106 crs Vs Rs 825 crs) but declined by a surprising 43% in...
Can Fin Homes Ltd. has an average target of 596.71 from 7 brokers.
Jamna Auto Industries Ltd.    
20 Apr 2021
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Little stymied by recovery in domestic CV industry - MHCV domestic production jumped by 9.4% in Q3- Jamna reported some 50.2% growth in sales in Q3 after ravaging fall in sales in the first half of FY21. With increased sales "velocity", operating profits jumped by a pleasing 139.2% to Rs 50.98 crs compared with Rs 21.31 crs in the same quarter a year ago, thus bolstering OPMs by a dazzling 553 bps to 14.9%. With reduced...
Jamna Auto Industries Ltd. has gained 182.27% in the last 1 Year
AIA Engineering Ltd.    
26 Mar 2021
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AIA Engineering is engaged in designing, development and manufacturing of grinding media, liners, diaphragms and vertical mill parts which finds application in grinding and crushing operations in mining, cement and thermal power generation. The current installed capacity of the company stands at 3.9...
AIA Engineering Ltd. has an average target of 2110.75 from 4 brokers.
Polycab India Ltd.    
26 Feb 2021
Axis Direct increased Buy price target of Polycab India Ltd. to 1900.0 on 09 Jun, 2021.
RBI and Finance Ministry    
TREND | 02 Feb 2021
Axis Direct released a Economy Update report for RBI and Finance Ministry on 04 Jun, 2021.
Finolex Industries Ltd.    
29 Jan 2021
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V-shaped recovery in global PVC resin prices since May with corresponding surge in PVC/EDC delta (above long term average of $550600/mt) explains much of the rise in Finolex's PVC resin EBIT in Q2 - Rs 99.10 crs Vs Rs 45.13 crs in the same quarter a year ago.; though external sales (volumes) fo PVC resins rose by just 38.1% to 9665 tons. As indication of its barely subdued impact, Finolex's PVC resin realizations were at $920 / mt compared to $740/ton in Q1 while PVC/EDC delta stood at $653/mt compared to $547/mt in Q1. Supply constraints of PVC resins have...
Finolex Industries Ltd. has gained 80.61% in the last 1 Year
Aegis Logistics Ltd.    
27 Jan 2021
CD Equisearch
While doing segment analysis, it is observed that the liquid division continued to perform strongly in the second quarter of FY21. Aegis had revenues for the division of Rs 56.44 crs in Q2 versus Rs 50.02 crs a year earlier, a rise of nearly13% year-on-year and EBITDA for Q2 was Rs 39.5 crs versus Rs 32.8 crs a year earlier, a rise of over 20% year on-year. year. Since the liquid division relies largely on storage based revenues, it was little affected by the ongoing...
Aegis Logistics Ltd. has an average target of 380.67 from 3 brokers.