Porinju V Veliyath    
14 Apr 2018
Porinju Veliyath buys stake in AgroTech Foods, cuts in Parnax Lab, Palash Securities

Cimmco Limited - which Trendlyne had covered as early as March 2017 when the rail wagon manufacturer entered the tractor business - is part of superstar investor Porinju Veliyath's portfolio.

While Veliyath has kept his stake in Cimmco the same (the BSE shareholding data shows his stake in Cimmco changing substantially, but that is likely a filing error - showing 21,151 shares as compared to 211,511), he has cut his holding in other companies, including Parnax Lab, Palash Securities and JITF Infralogistics

Yesterday, Veliyath also bought 1.5 lakh shares in AgroTech Foods, and the stock is gaining today on the news. 

Photo via Porinju Veliyath on Twitter


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