Ashish Kacholia    
12 Apr 2018
Ashish Kacholia's investments: ups stake in Butterfly Gandhimathi, Vishnu Chemicals, cuts in APL Apollo Tubes

Superstar investor Ashish Kacholia has made some changes to his portfolio in the March quarter. He has upped his investments in Butterfly Gandhimathi (adding 1.17% stake to bring the total up to Rs. 23.64 crore) and in Vishnu Chemicals. (upping stake by 0.25% to bring the total to Rs. 16.52 crore). He has reduced his investments in APL Apollo Tubes and Pokarna.

Vishnu Chemicals is an unusual pick, considering that its returns haven't been unimpressive over the past one year. Kacholia also holds a substantial stake in Shaily Engineering Plastics, his holding here is worth close to Rs. 62 crore. While Butterfly Gandhimathi delivered 160%+ returns over the year, Shaily Engineering delivered 140%+. Pokarna delivered 270%+ returns over one year.  

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