Unit Trust Of India's portfolio and holdings

As per corporate shareholdings filed for June 30, 2017, Unit Trust Of India holds 186 stocks with a networth of over Rs. 48,178.28 Cr.

Shares held by Unit Trust Of India as of June 30, 2017. This is as per the corporate filings. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
3M India Limited Acacia Institutional Partners, Lp13396.85243,1002.16%0.00325.68 Cr
Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd Uti176.6086,9440.01%-0.011.54 Cr
Adani Transmission Foreign Institutional Investor129.451,151,8110.10%-0.0414.91 Cr
Akzo Nobel India Limited Foreign Financial Institution & Foreign Institution Investor1800.0043,2740.09%NEW7.79 Cr
Allcargo Logistics Limited Acacia Institutional Partners, Lp & Foreign Institutional Investor175.154,273,8341.74%0.0074.86 Cr
Ambuja Cements Limited Unit Trust Of India265.3021,0000.00%NEW55.71 L
Amtek Auto Limited Other Foreign Institutions/Banks29.704,5510.00%NEW1.35 L
Anik Industries Limited Foreign Institutional Investor32.7016,3000.06%0.005.33 L
Ansal Housing and Construction Limited Uti26.056,7500.01%0.001.76 L
Apcotex Industries Limited Uti425.002000.00%NEW85,000
Astral Poly Technik Limited Uti - Equity Fund635.902,179,8581.82%-0.02138.62 Cr
Automotive Axles Limited Uti-Mid Cap Fund & Uti Transportation And Logistics Fund735.75522,9673.46%-0.0438.48 Cr
Bajaj Holdings & Investment Limited Acacia Institutional Partners, Lp2365.601,171,2001.05%0.00277.06 Cr
Balrampur Chini Mills Limited Uti Mutual Funds159.552,726,3511.16%NEW43.5 Cr
BEML Limited Uti - Long Term Equity Fund (Tax Saving)1585.90474,3831.14%-0.0675.23 Cr
Bharat Gears Limited Uti178.652,7000.03%0.004.82 L
Binani Industries Limited Foreign Financial Institution78.153,3250.01%0.002.6 L
Birla Ericsson Optical Limited Uti48.154000.00%NEW19,260
B. L. Kashyap and Sons Limited Acacia Institutional Partners, Lp44.003,490,2201.70%0.0015.36 Cr
Blue Dart Express Limited Uti4500.002000.00%NEW9.0 L
Britannia Industries Limited Foreign Institutional Investor3831.504,920,1474.10%0.261,885.15 Cr
Can Fin Homes Limited Foreign Financial Institutions3146.002,5000.01%-0.4378.65 L
CAPRIHANS INDIA LTD. Uti112.002,5000.02%0.002.8 L
Credit Analysis And Research Limited Uti-Unit Scheme For Charitable And Religious Trusts And Registered Societies1620.00833,8872.83%0.13135.09 Cr
Castrol India Limited Uti-Dividend Yield Fund409.954,982,2911.01%NEW204.25 Cr
Century Enka Limited Foreign Institution Investors & Foreign Financial Institution402.8016,1350.08%-0.3564.99 L
Century Textiles & Industries Limited Uti1142.8011,0200.01%0.001.26 Cr
Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited Uti-Mid Cap Fund127.505,467,3401.31%NEW69.71 Cr
Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited Uti - Long Term Equity Fund (Tax Saving)1127.351,699,3401.09%NEW191.58 Cr
Cipla Limited Foreign Institutional Investors/Foreign Institutional Investors-Dr566.108,309,8501.05%-1.12470.42 Cr
Colgate Palmolive (India) Limited Uti1071.007,5640.00%NEW81.01 L
Container Corporation of India Limited Uti Mutual Fund1180.752,734,4991.12%NEW322.88 Cr
Cummins India Limited Uti1006.8017,6750.01%0.001.78 Cr
Cybertech Systems And Software Limited Foreign Financial Institution62.005750.00%NEW35,650
DATASOFT APPLICATION SOFTWARE (INDIA) LTD. Unit Trust Of India & Financial Institutions / Banks & Administrator Of The Specified Undertaking Ofthe Unit Trust Of India-Unit Scheme 19641.00255,6828.13%0.002.56 L
DCW Limited Any Other(Foreign Financial Institutions / Banks)39.1042,2250.02%0.0016.51 L
Deccan Cements Limited Uti-Mid Cap Fund1175.00369,2695.27%0.0043.39 Cr
Den Networks Limited Acacia Institutional Partners, Lp79.103,640,0001.88%0.0028.79 Cr
Dena Bank Uti33.954000.00%NEW13,580
eClerx Services Limited Uti-Mahila Unit Scheme1310.001,172,4392.94%-0.01153.59 Cr
EAST COAST STEEL LTD. Uti59.105,4000.10%0.003.19 L
EID Parry India Limited Uti-Mid Cap Fund And Balanced Mid Cap Fund322.652,232,7881.26%NEW72.04 Cr
EIH Limited Foreign Institutional Shareholder139.5021,636,9343.79%0.26301.84 Cr
Elgi Equipments Limited Uti227.005000.00%NEW1.14 L
Engineers India Limited (EIL) Uti-Long Term Equity Fund (Tax Saving)164.4011,610,0781.72%0.30190.87 Cr
Entertainment Network (India) Limited Acacia Institutional Partners, Lp911.00780,0001.64%0.0071.06 Cr
EPSOM PROPERTIES LTD. Foreign Institutionalinvestors5.3680,0001.07%0.004.29 L
Equitas Holdings Limited Uti Mutual Fund168.107,482,3432.21%0.09125.78 Cr
Escorts Limited Uti Mid Cap Fund655.653,306,5592.70%-0.09216.79 Cr
Essar Shipping Limited Foreign Institutional Investor27.5511,065,6025.35%1.2430.49 Cr
Essel Propack Limited Uti-Childrens Career Balanced Plan241.001,900,0001.21%0.0045.79 Cr
FAG Bearings India Limited Foreign Financial Institution & Unit Trust Of India4533.804,1600.02%0.001.89 Cr
FDC Limited Uti Multi Cap Fund183.002,484,0701.40%0.1145.46 Cr
Federal Bank Limited Uti Along With Various Schemes117.3532,626,2561.71%-0.18382.87 Cr
GARWARE POLYESTER LTD. Unit Trust Of India144.408,8500.04%0.0012.78 L
Gateway Distriparks Limited Uti- Balanced Fund & Mid Cap Fund265.002,244,1202.06%NEW59.47 Cr
Genus Power Infrastructures Limited Uti - Dual Advantage Fixed Term Fund Ser54.905,196,0902.02%0.1728.53 Cr
The Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited Uti - Long Term Equity Fund (Tax Saving)403.253,580,4772.37%0.31144.38 Cr
GHCL Limited Uti237.307,8000.01%NEW18.51 L
Ginni Filaments Limited Foreign Financial Institution59.00100.00%NEW590
Gujarat Industries Power Company Limited Uti - Mid Cap Fund & Unit Trust Of India131.551,522,6981.01%0.0020.03 Cr
GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited Foreign Insitutional Investors2526.556,0530.01%NEW1.53 Cr
GNA Axles Uti Mutual Fund290.60616,8592.87%1.0617.93 Cr
Goa Carbon Limited Unit Trust Of India275.505500.01%0.001.52 L
GOODYEAR INDIA LTD. Foreign Institutional Investor891.152000.00%-0.151.78 L
Gujarat Pipavav Port Limited Uti-Mnc Fund146.506,287,6661.30%-0.0192.11 Cr
Greaves Cotton Limited Uti-Unit Scheme For Charitable And Religious Trusts And Registered Societies161.902,655,8201.09%NEW43.0 Cr
Grindwell Norton Limited Uti - Bluechip Flexicap Fund426.952,031,6221.83%-0.0586.74 Cr
Gujarat State Petronet Limited Uti-Unit Scheme For Charitable And Religious Trusts And Registered Societies174.909,532,7491.69%-0.20166.73 Cr
Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited Uti392.902100.00%NEW82,509
Hitech Plast Limited Unit Trust Of India223.001,1000.01%0.002.45 L
HSIL Limited Uti-Capital Protection Oriented Scheme-Series V-Ii (1135 Days)396.251,113,0331.54%-0.0244.1 Cr
IDFC Limited Uti-Unit Scheme For Charitable And Religious Trusts And Registered Societies58.2530,007,8911.88%-0.61174.8 Cr
Indraprastha Gas Limited Uti - Long Term Equity Fund (Tax Saving)1143.452,100,7401.50%-0.07240.21 Cr
IndusInd Bank Limited Uti1567.958000.00%NEW12.54 L
Styrolution ABS (India) Limited Uti1059.851,3550.01%0.0014.36 L
IPCA Laboratories Limited Uti480.651,646,2781.30%-0.0779.13 Cr
ITC Limited Specified Undertaking Of The Unit Trust Of India288.501,102,809,3219.09%-0.0131,816.05 Cr
ITD Cementation India Limited Uti-Mnc Fund162.107,472,2784.82%0.03121.13 Cr
The Jammu & Kashmir Bank Limited Uti Banking Sector Fund83.757,113,5451.36%NEW59.58 Cr
JAYSYNTH DYESTUFF (INDIA) LTD. Unit Trust Of India72.804,8000.06%0.003.49 L
JD ORGOCHEM LTD. Unit Trust Of India & Unit Trust Of India A/C Vecaus Ii5.206000.00%NEW3,120
J.Kumar Infraprojects Limited Uti Mid Cap Fund289.801,867,2812.47%0.1254.11 Cr
KEC International Limited Uti293.351,5000.00%NEW4.4 L
KPIT Technologies Limited Acacia Institutional Partners, Lp126.304,597,5752.33%0.0058.07 Cr
KRBL Limited Foreign Institutional Investor444.50290,3480.12%NEW12.91 Cr
Kaveri Seed Company Limited Foreign Institutional Investors (Fiis)640.053,345,3784.84%NEW214.12 Cr
Kalyani Steels Limited Foreign Institutional Investor448.9513,3090.03%0.0159.75 L
La Opala RG Limited Uti Mid Cap Fund & Foreign Institutional Investor509.90743,6041.34%-0.0137.92 Cr
Lakshmi Machine Works Limited Foreign Financial Institutions5300.4012,1860.11%-0.026.46 Cr
LG Balakrishnan & Bros Limited Foreign Institutional Investor768.006000.00%NEW4.61 L
Larsen & Toubro(L&T) Limited Administrator Of Specified Undertaking Of Unit Trust Of India1179.1537,379,2844.09%-2.594,407.58 Cr
LUDLOW JUTE & SPECIALITIES LTD. Financial Institutions/Banks94.156000.01%0.0056,490
Lumax Auto Technologies Limited Foreign Institutional Investor535.00112,7930.83%NEW6.03 Cr
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited Uti-Mastershare Unit Scheme352.8014,741,8202.59%-0.06520.09 Cr
Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited Uti-Balanced Fund437.05933,7811.82%0.1240.81 Cr
Maharashtra Scooters Limited Acacia Institutional Partners, Lp2070.60166,0361.45%0.0034.38 Cr
Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited Foreign Institutional Investor70.351,119,7170.94%0.067.88 Cr
McDowell Holdings Limited Acacia Institutional Partners, Lp39.00488,7093.49%0.001.91 Cr
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited Uti Mutual Fund (Holding Under Various Schemes)1127.80682,3211.34%NEW76.95 Cr
Mercator Limited Unit Trust Of India43.2575,0000.03%0.0032.44 L
MindTree Limited Uti Fund483.652,683,5041.60%-0.06129.79 Cr
MM Forgings Limited Foreign Institutionalinvestors636.001000.00%NEW63,600
MODERN INDIA LTD. Foreign Institutional Investor50.004,461,51911.88%0.0022.31 Cr
Nahar Spinning Mills Limited Foreign Financial Institutions132.704,6950.01%0.006.23 L
Navneet Education Limited Uti - Mutual Fund - Through Its Various Scheme172.406,381,1842.73%0.21110.01 Cr
Nava Bharat Ventures Limited Uti - Balance Fund138.403,599,6502.02%NEW49.82 Cr
NCC Limited Uti - Long Term Equity Fund (Tax Saving)90.8524,944,2374.49%0.11226.62 Cr
Net 4 India Limited Acacia Institutional Partners, Lp1.16259,0001.29%0.003.0 L
NIIT Limited Uti - Retirement Benefit Pension Fund & Uti-Mid Cap Fund87.005,134,8613.09%0.1244.67 Cr
NIIT Technologies Limited Uti Mutual Fund & Brandes Institutional Equity Trust542.104,005,7936.53%1.50217.15 Cr
Nilkamal Limited Foreign Financial Institution1914.002000.00%NEW3.83 L
Indo-National Limited Foreign Institutionalinvestors900.00500.00%NEW45,000
Noida Toll Bridge Company Limited Utilico Emerging Markets (Mauritius)9.504,543,6912.44%0.004.32 Cr
NOVARTIS INDIA LTD. Uti641.35830.00%NEW53,232
Nalwa Sons Investments Limited Acacia Institutional Partners Lp892.1589,0821.73%0.007.95 Cr
Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited Foerign Institutional Investors27.601,8000.00%NEW49,680
Oriental Bank of Commerce Foreign Financial Institution & Uti149.9014,4000.00%NEW21.59 L
Orient Cement Limited Uti-Mid Cap Fund159.552,382,2091.16%-0.0238.01 Cr
Ortel Communications Limited Acacia Institutional Partners, Lp67.95840,0002.76%-0.015.71 Cr
PACIFIC INDUSTRIES LTD. Foreign Financial Institution & Uti144.903,3600.25%0.004.87 L
Petron Engineering Construction Limited Uti142.002000.00%NEW28,400
Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited Foreign Financial Institution & Uti8036.6536,7790.12%0.0129.56 Cr
POLARIS CONSULTING & SERVICES LIMITED Uti-Unit Scheme For Charitable And Religious Trusts And Registered Societies245.003,324,3733.25%NEW81.45 Cr
Polyplex Corporation Limited Foregin Financial Intitution462.5513,8000.04%0.0063.83 L
Radaan Mediaworks India Limited Foreign Institutional Investor1.41150,0000.28%0.002.12 L
Rajesh Exports Limited Foreign Financial Institutions680.10666,0600.23%-1.7945.3 Cr
Shree Rama Newsprint Limited Uti24.7010,0500.01%0.002.48 L
RAMA PETROCHEMICALS LTD. Unit Trust Of India4.656,2000.06%NEW28,830
The Ramco Cements Limited Aberdeen Emerging Markets Smaller Companies Fund A Series Of The Aberdeen Institutional Commingled F675.202,383,7631.01%-0.18160.95 Cr
Rane Holdings Limited Uti Mutual Fund1663.20581,2104.07%0.1996.67 Cr
Raymond Limited Foreign Financial Institution & Uti801.85589,3440.97%0.0047.26 Cr
Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited Uti78.852,4000.00%NEW1.89 L
Sanghvi Movers Limited Uti244.802,0000.00%NEW4.9 L
SAURASHTRA CEMENT LTD. Unit Trust Of India77.751,1500.00%NEW89,413
Seamec Limited Foreign Institutional Investor155.009000.00%NEW1.4 L
SHREE KARTHIK PAPERS LTD. Foreign Financial Institutions14.6395,1000.50%0.0013.91 L
Shree Cements Limited Uti Mutual Fund17688.15412,6871.18%-0.10729.97 Cr
Shreyas Shipping & Logistics Limited Uti330.153000.00%NEW99,045
SHUKRA JEWELLERS LTD. Uti-Unit Linked Insurance Plan5.36180,0001.33%0.009.65 L
The South Indian Bank Limited Acacia Institutional Partners, Lp28.6020,700,0001.15%0.0059.2 Cr
SP Apparels Uti- Balanced Fund436.65275,2621.09%0.0012.02 Cr
Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company Limited Uti328.70449,8030.18%0.0014.79 Cr
SRM ENERGY LTD. Uti-Unit Linked Insurance Plan4.80299,7953.31%0.0014.39 L
Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited Uti969.901,6500.00%NEW16.0 L
STANPACKS (INDIA) LTD. Foreign Institutionalinvestors5.001,1000.02%0.005,500
Supreme Industries Limited Foreign Financial Institution / Banks1084.455000.00%NEW5.42 L
Symphony Limited Uti - Equity Fund & Financial Institutional Investors1348.751,156,3101.65%-0.37155.96 Cr
Tata Chemicals Limited Uti Fund623.004,216,3051.66%-0.13262.68 Cr
Tata Elxsi Limited Foreign Financial Institutions1680.802,3000.01%0.0038.66 L
Tata Global Beverages Limited Unit Trust Of India172.108,313,5711.37%NEW143.08 Cr
TCFC FINANCE LTD. Foreign Financial Institutions36.007400.01%0.0026,640
Thermax Limited Uti-Mahila Unit Scheme926.101,541,5871.29%0.20142.77 Cr
Tide Water Oil Company (India) Limited Foreign Institutional Investor6171.5014,5950.42%0.079.01 Cr
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited Uti-Mahila Unit Scheme1267.051,823,8601.08%NEW231.09 Cr
TRANSPEK INDUSTRY LTD. Unit Trust Of India1081.502,4500.04%NEW26.5 L
Tube Investments of India Limited Uti - Mutual Fund Scheme748.803,568,8131.95%0.12267.23 Cr
TUTICORIN ALKALI CHEMICALS & FERTILISERS LTD. Foreign Institutionalinvestors13.003000.00%NEW3,900
Ucal Fuel Systems Limited Foreign Financial Institutions222.804000.00%NEW89,120
Venky's (India) Limited Foreign Financial Institution / Bank2022.103150.00%NEW6.37 L
Vesuvius India Limited Uti Mid-Cap Fund1432.50233,6471.15%NEW33.47 Cr
VLS Finance Limited Foreign Financial Institution69.503000.00%NEW20,850
Voltamp Transformers Limited Uti-Mid Cap Fund1222.80383,7123.79%0.0046.92 Cr
Walchandnagar Industries Limited Uti155.504,5000.01%0.007.0 L
Whirlpool of India Limited Foreign Financial Institution1137.30850.00%NEW96,671
Wonderla Holidays Limited Uti - Long Term Equity Fund (Tax Saving)358.901,221,9652.16%NEW43.86 Cr
West Coast Paper Mills Limited Uti196.506000.00%NEW1.18 L
Zee Media Corporation Limited Acasia Institutional Partners Lp39.755,186,6101.10%0.0020.62 Cr
Zenith Computers Limited Uti1.305,8000.04%0.007,540
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