Trendlynes growth stocks with good technical score

Stocks in the top 25% percentile of equity universe technically which have shown good profit and revenue growth over the past 4 quarters.

This screener is a dynamic strategy that changes stocks based on quarterly revenue and profit changes, as well as momentum change. Stocks enter and exit this screener on an ongoing basis. 

To follow this strategy, set a screener alert. For this strategy, we recommend a monthly alert. This is a longer-term strategy due to its mix of fundamentals and technicals. Changing stocks here with a very high frequency can negatively impact your returns.


Last Updated: 25 May 2019, 08:02 p.m. (IST)

Query : Revenue growth TTM % > 15 AND Net Profit TTM Growth % > 15 AND Trendlyne Momentum Score > 70
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