Board Meetings - Kitply Industries Ltd.

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Ex-date Purpose Notes
2010-01-29 Others 1. Change of Registrar and Share Transfer Agent from MCS Ltd. to CB Management Services Pvt. Ltd. 2. Appointment of Mr. Navin Sambatani (Nominee of IDM) as an Additional Director.
2009-06-02 Audited Results & Others To approve the Alteration of AoA & to take a note that Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. has withdrawn the nomination of Mr. Manish Vinod Makharia as its Nominee Director. (Adjourned Meeting held)
2009-04-29 Forfeiture of Equity Shares Capital To proceed for forfeiture of the Call unpaid in the Equity Shares Capital of the Company and to issue the final notice to the defaulting shareholders.
2009-01-29 Others To appoint Mr. Mahesh Shah as an Additional Director of the Co. in the capacity of Non-Executive Independent Director & to co-opt Mr. Mahesh Shah and Mr. Navin Sambtani as member of the Committee.
2008-09-24 To approve Forfeiture of shares To approve the forfeiture of partly paid Equity shares of the company & to take note of withdrawal of Indian Debt Management Pvt Ltd.`s Nominee Mr. Navin Sambtani effective from August 29, 2008.
2008-07-25 To consider appointment of Chairman To appoint Mr. P.K. Goenka as new Chairman on the Board and to take a note of withdrawal of IDBI Nominee Mr. S.K. Pai effective from May 08, 2008.
2008-04-29 Quarterly Results
2008-04-05 Scheme of Arrangement (1) To discuss on the Scheme of Arrangement and Reconstruction u/s. 391 and 394 including the Reduction of Capital u/s.100 of the Companies Act, 1956. (2) To transact any other miscellaneous business.
2004-11-01 Quarterly Results
2004-07-30 Quarterly Results
2003-09-30 Quarterly Results
2003-03-27 General
2002-08-06 Accounts (Revised)
2002-06-29 Others To approve the subsequent sanction letters of the other bank s to give effect to the implementation of modified Restructuring plan.
2002-03-27 Others To confirm and ratify the financial Arrangements with Banks and financial institutions in terms of Modified Restructuring Package.
2001-09-10 Quarterly Results
2001-02-16 Quarterly Results
2001-01-31 Quarterly Results cancelled.
2000-11-28 Half Yearly Results
2000-08-05 Quarterly Results, Dividend & Accounts
1999-09-18 Accounts & Dividend
1998-08-11 Accounts & Dividend