Industry - Industrial Machinery / Quarter ending Mar 31, 2023, by industry

Analysis of which industries have performed the best and worst on the basis of sales/revenues, profits and profit margins. Only companies which have declared results in the current quarter are considered for this analysis.

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Note: Industry-level growth metrics have been calculated by totaling the numbers of all companies in that industry, to get an average.

20.2 %
-54.1 %
41.2 %
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Stock Market Capitalization in Cr Operating Revenues Qtr Cr Revenue Growth Qtr YoY % Net Profit Qtr Cr Net Profit Qtr Growth YoY % Operating Profit Growth Qtr YoY % EBIDT Qtr growth YoY % Operating Profit Qtr Margin YoY Change Last Result Updated
3M India Ltd. 30246.79 30-May-2023
GE T&D India Ltd. 5415.38 23-May-2023
Cummins India Ltd. 49477.43 24-May-2023
Dynamatic Technologies Ltd. 2315.87 29-May-2023
Eimco Elecon (India) Ltd. 356.86 25-Apr-2023
Elecon Engineering Company... 6335.37 25-Apr-2023
Elgi Equipments Ltd. 16967.31 19-May-2023
Hercules Hoists Ltd. 855.52 26-May-2023
Honda India Power Products... 2185.48 12-May-2023
Ingersoll-Rand (India) Ltd. 8691.30 25-May-2023
Kabra Extrusion Technik Ltd. 1549.39 10-May-2023
Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. 4509.63 11-May-2023
KSB Ltd. 7478.28 09-May-2023
Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. 12996.94 24-May-2023
Lokesh Machines Ltd. 268.00 27-May-2023
Premier Ltd. 6.68 01-Jun-2023
Revathi Equipment Ltd. 542.60 25-May-2023
Shakti Pumps (India) Ltd. 1086.18 05-May-2023
TRF Ltd. 185.20 05-May-2023
Walchandnagar Industries Ltd. 395.05 26-May-2023
Wendt India Ltd. 1882.71 21-Apr-2023
Windsor Machines Ltd. 314.27 25-May-2023
W S Industries (India) Ltd. 381.66 30-May-2023
Disa India Ltd. 1228.80 25-May-2023
John Cockerill India Ltd. 1027.06 25-May-2023
Forbes & Company Ltd. 776.17 27-May-2023
Stovec Industries Ltd. 434.30 09-May-2023
Alfred Herbert (India) Ltd. 54.29 01-Jun-2023
G G Dandekar Machine Works... 29.00 31-May-2023
GMM Pfaudler Ltd. 6541.27 25-May-2023
Kirloskar Pneumatic Compan... 4112.05 27-Apr-2023
KPT Industries Ltd. 102.80 29-May-2023
Lakshmi Automatic Loom Wor... 58.52 26-May-2023
Lynx Machinery & Commercia... 5.99 30-May-2023
Mirch Technologies (India)... 0.18 12-May-2023
Integra Engineering India ... 639.19 11-May-2023
Deccan Bearings Ltd. 8.51 22-May-2023
International Combustion (... 121.19 26-May-2023
Jost's Engineering Company... 192.64 19-May-2023
WPIL Ltd. 2837.34 19-May-2023
Bajaj Steel Industries Ltd. 668.20 27-May-2023
Acrow India Ltd. 58.24 22-May-2023
Sterling Powergensys Ltd. 7.30 18-May-2023
Shilp Gravures Ltd. 63.26 14-May-2023
Madhusudan Industries Ltd. 16.93 16-May-2023
Patels Airtemp (India) Ltd. 131.86 27-May-2023
Roto Pumps Ltd. 1082.54 23-May-2023
Cranex Ltd. 19.90 31-May-2023
Batliboi Ltd. 213.76 26-May-2023
Austin Engineering Company... 63.40 30-May-2023
EMA India Ltd. 2.09 27-May-2023
Kilburn Engineering Ltd. 447.43 09-May-2023
Birla Precision Technologi... 255.08 27-May-2023
Artson Engineering Ltd. 287.13 19-Apr-2023
Solitaire Machine Tools Ltd. 26.84 20-May-2023
ITL Industries Ltd. 71.34 31-May-2023
HLE Glasscoat Ltd. 4595.29 29-May-2023
Shivagrico Implements Ltd. 10.03 30-May-2023
Cenlub Industries Ltd. 87.13 30-May-2023
Rajoo Engineers Ltd. 270.67 15-May-2023
Veejay Lakshmi Engineering... 18.26 26-May-2023
T & I Global Ltd. 99.83 30-May-2023
Yash Innoventures Ltd. 23.93 27-May-2023
Trans India House Impex Ltd. 32.11 02-May-2023
Mazda Ltd. 364.86 25-May-2023
Axtel Industries Ltd. 482.38 18-May-2023
Polymechplast Machines Ltd. 33.61 20-May-2023
Lippi Systems Ltd. 11.20 30-May-2023
Rishi Laser Ltd. 38.38 27-May-2023
Saboo Brothers Ltd. 7.71 26-May-2023
Akar Auto Industries Ltd. 105.16 31-May-2023
Balu Forge Industries Ltd. 1002.46 09-May-2023
DHP India Ltd. 248.07 30-May-2023
Continental Controls Ltd. 2.61 30-May-2023
Incon Engineers Ltd. 6.10 26-May-2023
Hittco Tools Ltd. 8.57 31-May-2023
Rexnord Electronics and Co... 155.96 30-May-2023
Galaxy Agrico Exports Ltd. 10.36 27-May-2023
Servoteach Industries Ltd. 2.10 29-May-2023
MPF Systems Ltd. 0.20 11-May-2023
Somi Conveyor Beltings Ltd. 66.26 30-May-2023
ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd. 4529.42 29-May-2023
Max Alert Systems Ltd. 2.36 09-Jun-2023
Chemtech Industrial Valves... 52.89 05-May-2023
Hawa Engineers Ltd. 49.72 29-May-2023
Loyal Equipments Ltd. 135.66 13-May-2023
Vishal Bearings Ltd. 122.86 30-May-2023
GTV Engineering Ltd. 111.29 30-May-2023
Lloyds Steels Industries Ltd. 2845.39 28-Apr-2023
Meera Industries Ltd. 51.42 31-May-2023
SBEC Systems (India) Ltd. 20.61 30-May-2023
Vuenow Infratech Ltd. 8.08 27-May-2023
Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd. 3419.81 08-May-2023
Macpower CNC Machines Ltd. 286.87 31-May-2023
The Anup Engineering Ltd. 1592.67 17-May-2023
Chandni Machines Ltd. 3.59 29-May-2023
Harish Textile Engineers Ltd. 12.18 31-May-2023
Atam Valves Ltd. 230.47 11-May-2023
Anlon Technology Solutions... 132.28 15-May-2023