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Quarter ending Jun 30, 2020, by industry

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Analysis of which industries have performed the best and worst on the basis of sales/revenues, profits and profit margins. Only companies which have declared results in the current quarter are considered for this analysis.

Note: Industry-level growth metrics have been calculated by totaling the numbers of all companies in that industry, to get an average.

-66.5 %
-67.3 %
-75.7 %
 Positive  Negative  Pending
Stock Market Capitalization in CrOperating Revenues Qtr CrRevenue Growth Qtr YoY %Net Profit Qtr CrNet Profit Qtr Growth YoY %Operating Profit Growth Qtr YoY %EBIDT growth YoY %Operating Profit Margin Growth YoY %Last Result Updated
Ahluwalia Contracts (India... 1713.54   14-Aug-2020
Ajmera Realty & Infra Indi... 305.84   21-Aug-2020
Alpine Housing Development... 19.04   15-Sep-2020
Anant Raj Ltd. 836.61   15-Sep-2020
Ansal Properties & Infrast... 62.96   15-Sep-2020
Ansal Housing Ltd. 24.65   27-Aug-2020
Arihant Foundations & Hous... 13.72   16-Sep-2020
Ashiana Housing Ltd. 747.16   11-Aug-2020
B L Kashyap & Sons Ltd. 160.06   28-Aug-2020
Brigade Enterprises Ltd. 3574.61   12-Aug-2020
BSEL Infrastructure Realty... 8.67   04-Aug-2020
Consolidated Construction ... 11.96   15-Sep-2020
Country Condo's Ltd. 9.70   15-Sep-2020
D B Realty Ltd. 165.42   16-Sep-2020
DLF Ltd. 39914.21   05-Aug-2020
Emami Realty Ltd. 134.81   10-Sep-2020
Ganesh Housing Corporation... 128.48   14-Aug-2020
GeeCee Ventures Ltd. 144.92   21-Aug-2020
Godrej Properties Ltd. 23072.43   05-Aug-2020
Hubtown Ltd. 78.20   15-Sep-2020
Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd. 2746.17   12-Sep-2020
Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. 1262.62   21-Aug-2020
Landmark Property Developm... 34.21   25-Aug-2020
Mahindra Lifespace Develop... 1247.01   30-Jul-2020
Manjeera Constructions Ltd. 40.97   15-Sep-2020
Marg Ltd. 34.05   15-Sep-2020
Techindia Nirman Ltd. 4.08   05-Aug-2020
Oberoi Realty Ltd. 15611.17   15-Jul-2020
Omaxe Ltd. 1212.63   14-Sep-2020
Parsvnath Developers Ltd. 119.67   11-Sep-2020
AMJ Land Holdings Ltd. 73.80   05-Aug-2020
Peninsula Land Ltd. 128.57   16-Sep-2020
Phoenix Mills Ltd. 9778.79   30-Jul-2020
Prajay Engineers Syndicate... 41.26   15-Sep-2020
Prestige Estates Projects ... 10232.97   13-Aug-2020
Prozone Intu Properties Ltd. 256.37   31-Aug-2020
Puravankara Ltd. 1074.33   11-Sep-2020
Sobha Ltd. 2417.40   07-Aug-2020
Sunteck Realty Ltd. 4001.30   29-Jul-2020
TCI Developers Ltd. 110.76   12-Aug-2020
Texmaco Infrastructure & H... 479.13   10-Sep-2020
Vascon Engineers Ltd. 171.01   18-Aug-2020
Vipul Ltd. 165.58   15-Sep-2020
Arvind SmartSpaces Ltd. 326.56   11-Sep-2020
UTL Industries Ltd. 20.04   03-Sep-2020
Citadel Realty & Developer... 9.20   11-Aug-2020
Marathon Nextgen Realty Ltd. 256.22   27-Aug-2020
Simplex Realty Ltd. 13.16   21-Aug-2020
Arihant Superstructures Ltd. 85.41   04-Aug-2020
Dhruv Estates Ltd. 1.26   09-Sep-2020
Joy Realty Ltd. 2.52   15-Sep-2020
Lancor Holdings Ltd. 16.97   12-Sep-2020
Kamanwala Housing Construc... 8.96   14-Sep-2020
Parshwanath Corporation Ltd. 4.09   11-Sep-2020
Nimbus Projects Ltd. 17.48   28-Aug-2020
Steel Strips Infrastructur... 4.96   21-Aug-2020
NEO Infracon Ltd. 6.90   14-Sep-2020
Prime Urban Development In... 21.10   04-Sep-2020
Ansal Buildwell Ltd. 16.36   14-Aug-2020
Eldeco Housing & Industrie... 196.66   13-Aug-2020
Martin Burn Ltd. 11.00   28-Aug-2020
Poddar Housing and Develop... 107.58   05-Sep-2020
Thakker's Developers Ltd. 35.37   21-Aug-2020
Rajeswari Infrastructure Ltd. 3.43   11-Aug-2020
Real Eco-Energy Ltd. 23.00   15-Sep-2020
Gyan Developers & Builders... 0.90   09-Aug-2020
Kings Infra Ventures Ltd. 58.54   08-Sep-2020
Supreme Holdings & Hospita... 69.00   01-Sep-2020
Prime Property Development... 16.60   16-Sep-2020
SSPDL Ltd. 14.22   16-Sep-2020
Shri Krishna Devcon Ltd. 70.00   10-Sep-2020
Radhe Developers (India) Ltd. 25.08   17-Jul-2020
Narendra Properties Ltd. 6.42   15-Aug-2020
Navkar Builders Ltd. 20.40   15-Sep-2020
RTCL Ltd. 3.48   15-Sep-2020
Vas Infrastructure Ltd. 3.06   15-Sep-2020
KMF Builders & Developers ... 1.97   15-Sep-2020
Rainbow Foundations Ltd. 8.18   04-Sep-2020
Prerna Infrabuild Ltd. 18.14   13-Aug-2020
Tirupati Sarjan Ltd. 18.12   02-Sep-2020
Rodium Realty Ltd. 24.36   16-Sep-2020
Swagruha Infrastructure Ltd. 35.03   11-Sep-2020
IITL Projects Ltd. 13.10   11-Sep-2020
Alchemist Realty Ltd. 7.19   16-Sep-2020
HB Estate Developers Ltd. 18.81   11-Sep-2020
Sanmit Infra Ltd. 146.00   15-Sep-2020
MPDL Ltd. 4.94   15-Sep-2020
Parle Industries Ltd. 15.64   15-Sep-2020
RDB Realty & Infrastructur... 25.86   15-Sep-2020
Maxheights Infrastructure ... 17.95   16-Aug-2020
SV Global Mill Ltd. 63.20   01-Sep-2020
ETT Ltd. 41.32   20-Aug-2020
Quantum Build-Tech Ltd. 9.35   17-Sep-2020
Crane Infrastructure Ltd. 2.42   12-Sep-2020
Skyline Ventures India Ltd. 4.13   16-Sep-2020
Wardwizard Innovations & M... 442.84   14-Sep-2020
Purohit Construction Ltd. 2.19   14-Aug-2020
AGI Infra Ltd. 55.73   30-Aug-2020
SAB Industries Ltd. 42.53   14-Jul-2020
Abhishek Infraventures Ltd. 0.68   14-Sep-2020
Mega Nirman & Industries Ltd. 5.09   01-Sep-2020
R J Shah & Company Ltd. 23.97   08-Aug-2020
Suvidha Infraestate Corpor... 16.62   31-Aug-2020
Ladam Affordable Housing Ltd. 7.43   16-Sep-2020
Capacit'e Infraprojects Ltd. 901.60   11-Aug-2020
Patidar Buildcon Ltd. 0.31   15-Aug-2020
Bhagyanagar Properties Ltd. 70.39   04-Aug-2020
Karda Constructions Ltd. 3128.81   29-Aug-2020
Gallops Enterprise Ltd. 6.31   06-Aug-2020
National Standard (India) ... 725.70   03-Sep-2020
Nila Spaces Ltd. 45.30   06-Aug-2020