Banaras Beads Ltd. - Quarterly/Annual Result Disclosures and Notes dated 31 Dec 2018

Auditor and Management Disclosures and Notes for the quarterly results dated 31 Dec 2018

1.The above finacial result for quater ended on 31.12.2018 were recived and recommended by the audit committee and approved by the board in the meeting held on 22.01.2019. 2. During the quater, no complaint was received from investors. No complaint was pending unresolved as on 31.12.2018. 3. The company's main business is export of Glass Beads Handicraft and other related items. All those items come in one segment. The main commercial activity of the company is at Varanasi. Hence segmentwise reporting as applicable under IND AS is not applicable. 4. The statutory auditors of the company have carried out audit of the above result as required under Regulation 33(3) (c) of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulation 2015. 5. The above results were prepared in accordance with the India Accouting Standards (IND AS) prescribed under Section 133 of the Companies Act 2013 and other recognised Accounting Practices and policies to the extent applicable. 6. The formate for un-audited results as prescribed in SEBIs Circular No. CIR/CFD/CMD/15/2015 dated 30th November, 2015 has been modified to comply with requirement of SEBI's Circular dated 5th July, 2016, Ind As schedule III (Division II) to companies Act 2013 applicable to companies that are required to comply with IND AS.

7. Coresponding figures in previous year/period have been regroped wherever considered necessary.

8. The result for the quater ended 31.12.2018 are available on the Bombay Stock Exchange website (URL the National Stock Exchange website (URL and on the company website (URL