Bhagwat Metallics Ltd's Insider Trades & SAST
No reported Insider Trades available for Bhagwat Metallics Ltd in the Trendlyne database.
Bhagwat Metallics Ltd has made SAST transactions in AGC Networks Ltd. recently where a Disposal of 1,000,000 shares done was reported to the exchange on Jan. 14, 2019.
StockClient NameClient CategoryAction*Reported to ExchangeQuantityPost Transaction HoldingTraded %Avg. PricePeriodRegulation (Insider/SAST)Security TypeMode
AGC Networks Ltd.Bhagwat Metallics Ltd & PACsPromoterDisposal14 Jan 20191,000,000 14,816,346 (49.82%) 3.36 % 11 Jan 2019
11 Jan 2019
SAST (29(2))-Off Market
AGC Networks Ltd.Bhagwat Metallics LtdOtherAcquisition09 Jan 20195,300,000 - 17.82 % 04 Jan 2019
04 Jan 2019
SAST (10(6))--
AGC Networks Ltd.Bhagwat Metallics LtdPromoterAcquisition07 Jan 20195,300,000 5,300,000 (17.82%) 17.82 % 04 Jan 2019
04 Jan 2019
SAST (29(1))-Inter-se Transfer
AGC Networks Ltd.Bhagwat Metallics LtdNoneAcquisition28 Dec 20186,000,000 - 20.17 % 02 Jan 2019
02 Jan 2019
SAST (10(1)(a))-None
*Actions covered:
Acquisition (Buy): Purchase of shares
Disposal (Sell): Sale of shares
Pledge: Shares being used by promoters as collateral for loans. Usually a negative signal.
Revoke: When shares are released from a pledge. Usually a positive signal. 
Invoke: When pledged shares are invoked by companies/banks who have provided the collateral, which may result in acquisition of stake in the company. Usually a negative signal. 
Client Category: Promoter/ KMP/ Director / Immediate Relatives / Employee / etc  
Security Type: Share/ Warrants / Convertible Debentures
Kind of transaction Mode: Public rights/ preferential offer / off market / inter-se transfer/ Market Sale
Data as reported to BSE and NSE
Insider trading data here is as defined under regulation 2(1)(i) of SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015.
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