bodies corporate's portfolio and holdings

As per corporate shareholdings filed for December 31, 2020, publicly holds 98 stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 1,096.3 Cr.

These are shares held by as per the shareholding data filed with the exchanges. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
Swojas Energy Foods Ltd. +Bodies Corporate & Overseas Corporate BodiesNone1,433,3004.63% - None
Natural Biocon (India) Ltd. +Bodies Corporate15.61960,0008.44% - 1.5 Cr
White Organic Retail Ltd. +Bodies Corporate45.00338,0003.10% - 1.5 Cr
VSD Confin Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone598,4003.41% - None
G M Polyplast Ltd. +Bodies Corporate168.00312,00016.23% - 5.2 Cr
Artemis Electricals Ltd. +Bodies Corporate47.454,039,96416.35% - 19.2 Cr
Harish Textile Engineers Ltd. +Bodies Corporate29.8022,7350.68% - 6.8 L
Alang Marine Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone16,5000.27% - None
BMW Industries Ltd. +Bodies Corporate26.703,604,7451.60% - 9.6 Cr
JSG Leasing Ltd. +Bodies Corporate19.901,085,90036.20% - 2.2 Cr
Vardhan Capital & Finance Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone706,50016.25% - None
APM Finvest Ltd. +Bodies Corporate23.35351,5541.63% - 82.1 L
Seacoast Shipping Services Ltd. +Bodies Corporate137.453,025,4958.99% - 41.6 Cr
Galactico Corporate Services Ltd. +Bodies Corporate32.5018,0000.31% - 5.9 L
Bhartia Bachat Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone10,532,93064.99% - None
Sriven Multi-Tech Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone782,2737.87% - None
Shahlon Silk Industries Ltd. +Bodies Corporate86.65618,3053.46% - 5.4 Cr
Anand Rayons Ltd. +Bodies Corporate32.70728,0004.86% - 2.4 Cr
AKM Lace and Embrotex Ltd. +Bodies Corporate17.25948,00031.47% - 1.6 Cr
KCD Industries India Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone113,5005.68% - None Ltd. +Bodies Corporate25.603,6000.22% - 92.2 K
First Custodian Fund (India) Ltd. +Bodies Corporate & Overseas Corporate Bodies26.25101,3576.76% - 26.6 L
20 Microns Ltd. +Bodies Corporate37.905,473,72615.51% - 20.7 Cr
Twentyfirst Century Management Services Ltd. +Bodies Corporate & Overseas Corporate Bodies12.10762,7637.26% - 92.3 L
3M India Ltd. +Bodies Corporate25701.20323,8112.87% - 832.2 Cr
3P Land Holdings Ltd. +Bodies Corporate9.25327,1601.82% - 30.3 L
Fourth Generation Information Systems Ltd. +Bodies Corporate4.2057,5491.62% - 2.4 L
Shree Salasar Investment Ltd. +Bodies Corporate12.00450,00014.06% - 54 L
Zodiac Ventures Ltd. +Bodies Corporate4.504,235,28411.36% - 1.9 Cr
Tilak Ventures Ltd. +Bodies Corporate2.974,015,4213.13% - 1.2 Cr
Simplex Trading & Agencies Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone26,759,00053.52% - None
Steel Strips Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone2,716,62532.80% - None
National Standard (India) Ltd. +Bodies Corporate542.00998,5154.99% - 54.1 Cr
India Radiators Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone91,96210.22% - None
Indo Gulf Industries Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone898,6869.39% - None
Govind Poy Oxygen Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone24,1506.04% - None
Premier Capital Services Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone7,295,11219.68% - None
Sagar Systech Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone1,9000.59% - None
Avon Mercantile Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone3,409,01045.59% - None
Yash Trading & Finance Ltd. +Bodies Corporate17.655750.23% - 10.1 K
Asutosh Enterprises Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone125,0005.58% - None
Presha Metallurgical Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone12,037,00084.23% - None
TTL Enterprises Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone610.09% - None
Surbhi Industries Ltd. +Bodies Corporate1.315,4000.16% - 7.1 K
Narmada Macplast Drip Irrigation Systems Ltd. +Bodies Corporate5.4561,8001.71% - 3.4 L
Sri Chakra Cement Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone500,5865.56% - None
Khandelwal Extractions Ltd. +Bodies Corporate10.005,6000.66% - 56 K
NCC Blue Water Products Ltd. +Bodies Corporate3.23124,4001.61% - 4.0 L
United Van Der Horst Ltd. +Bodies Corporate19.359,7630.20% - 1.9 L
Aditya Forge Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone237,1895.51% - None
Minal Industries Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone21,456,62611.18% - None
Bhaskar Agrochemicals Ltd. +Bodies Corporate26.2038,0340.73% - 10.0 L
Shikhar Consultants Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone321,0507.08% - None
Shree Rajivlochan Oil Extraction Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone3,3000.08% - None
Ken Financial Services Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone562,35918.74% - None
Dynamic Microsteppers Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone6,2000.18% - None
GCCL Infrastructure & Projects Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone93,1001.55% - None
G G Automotive Gears Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone236,0742.98% - None
Ranjit Securities Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone6000.02% - None
Sangam Health Care Products Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone1,597,16010.75% - None
Sterling Webnet Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone16,405,17228.31% - None
Kashyap Tele-Medicines Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone14,175,91629.71% - None
Good Value Irrigation Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone75,1500.42% - None
Saral Mining Ltd. +Bodies CorporateNone29,869,05761.68% - None
Triveni Enterprises Ltd. +Bodies Corporate15.955000.00% - 8.0 K
Creative Castings Ltd. +Bodies Corporate344.957,9510.61% - 27.4 L
Confidence Futuristic Energetech Ltd. +Bodies Corporate36.75100.00% - 368.0
Golden Crest Education & Services Ltd. +Bodies Corporate24.101,330,80025.37% - 3.2 Cr
AMS Polymers Ltd. +Bodies Corporate21.2527,0790.82% - 5.8 L
Purple Entertainment Ltd. +Bodies Corporate44.903,3000.04% - 1.5 L
Salem Erode Investments Ltd. +Bodies Corporate2.38104,7030.91% - 2.5 L
Shree Nidhi Trading Co. Ltd. +Bodies Corporate1.463,522,57745.20% - 51.4 L
Shangar Decor Ltd. +Bodies Corporate17.05229,2231.87% - 39.1 L
Classic Filaments Ltd. +Overseas Corporate Bodies3.50200,0003.27% - 7 L
Riddhi Corporate Services Ltd. +Bodies Corporate166.606,9720.06% - 11.6 L
SRU Steels Ltd. +Bodies Corporate16.30998,50012.49% - 1.6 Cr
Gautam Gems Ltd. +Bodies Corporate53.15801,3517.96% - 4.3 Cr
The Indian Wood Products Company Ltd. +Bodies Corporate44.651,576,0782.46% - 7.0 Cr
Bharat Parenterals Ltd. +Bodies Corporate353.50394,7536.89% - 14.0 Cr
Indo Us Bio-Tech Ltd. +Bodies Corporate40.00115,0001.90% - 46 L
Milestone Furniture Ltd. +Bodies Corporate17.601,200,00012.91% - 2.1 Cr
Parvati Sweetners and Power Ltd. +Bodies Corporate2.54225,4320.32% - 5.7 L
Innovators Facade Systems Ltd. +Bodies Corporate42.50238,4001.26% - 1.0 Cr
Zim Laboratories Ltd. +Bodies Corporate82.15144,2250.89% - 1.2 Cr
Palm Jewels Ltd. +Bodies Corporate51.503,644,34636.29% - 18.8 Cr
Unick Fix-A-Form & Printers Ltd. +Bodies Corporate28.001,980,25136.10% - 5.5 Cr
Hi-Tech Winding Systems Ltd. +Bodies Corporate9.90208,6204.29% - 20.7 L
Sophia Traexpo Ltd. +Bodies Corporate12.58400,0007.84% - 50.3 L
Ashnisha Industries Ltd. +Bodies Corporate4.04574,22319.02% - 23.2 L
Vivanta Industries Ltd. +Bodies Corporate15.50830,3108.30% - 1.3 Cr
Tinna Trade Ltd. +Bodies Corporate17.00381,6074.46% - 64.9 L
Amin Tannery Ltd. +Bodies Corporate0.953,169,9672.94% - 30.1 L
Space Incubatrics Technologies Ltd. +Bodies Corporate1.07768,4162.22% - 8.2 L
BCPL Railway Infrastructure Ltd. +Bodies Corporate81.102,014,00012.04% - 16.3 Cr
The Phosphate Company Ltd. +Bodies Corporate58.05122,8813.41% - 71.3 L
Aryan Shares & Stock Brokers Ltd. +Bodies Corporate6.30392,99613.10% - 24.8 L
Nivaka Fashions Ltd. +Bodies Corporate7.5114,523,60614.14% - 10.9 Cr
Hi-Klass Trading & Investment Ltd. +Bodies Corporate6.00883,35028.44% - 53.0 L
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