President Of India's portfolio and holdings

As per the latest corporate shareholdings filed, President Of India publicly holds 69 stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 1,219,101.3 Cr.

These are shares held by President Of India as per the shareholding data filed with the exchanges. The latest quarter tends to have missing data since not all companies may have reported their shareholding data till now.

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DetailsStock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)HistoryDetailsRow
Allahabad Bank President Of India47.751,799,524,58285.82% 6.41 8,592.7 Cr
Andrew Yule & Company Ltd. President Of India19.10436,374,63089.25% 0.00 833.5 Cr
Bank of Baroda President Of India140.951,673,459,02063.26% -0.48 23,587.4 Cr
Bharat Dynamics Ltd. President Of India329.75160,829,29787.75% 0.00 5,303.3 Cr
Bharat Electronics Ltd. President Of India113.001,433,323,13258.82% -3.11 16,196.6 Cr
BEML Ltd. President Of India1004.1022,500,00054.03% 0.00 2,259.2 Cr
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. President Of India72.702,199,650,40263.17% 0.11 15,991.5 Cr
Bharat Immunological & Biologicals Corporation Ltd. President Of India9.1025,585,99359.25% 0.00 23.3 Cr
Balmer Lawrie Investments Ltd. President Of India399.9513,246,09859.67% 0.00 529.8 Cr
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. President Of India402.001,156,095,96253.29% -0.64 46,475.1 Cr
Canara Bank President Of India280.95531,944,77570.62% -1.93 14,945.0 Cr
Central Provinces Railways Company Ltd. The President Of India.320.001,4010.08% 0.00 4.5 L
Central Bank of India President Of India25.953,691,169,65291.20% NEW 9,578.6 Cr
Coal India Ltd. The President Of India Acting Through Ministry Of Coal244.104,373,016,78170.96% -1.95 106,745.3 Cr
Cochin Shipyard Ltd. The President Of India370.3098,934,44275.21% 0.00 3,663.5 Cr
Container Corporation of India Ltd. President Of India Ministry Of Railways523.35333,884,97554.80% NEW 17,473.9 Cr
Corporation Bank President Of India25.105,604,799,27193.50% 6.73 14,068.0 Cr
GAIL (India) Ltd. President Of India348.351,177,029,04652.64% -0.85 41,001.8 Cr
General Insurance Corporation of India President Of India229.851,505,000,00085.78% 0.00 34,592.4 Cr
Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd. The President Of India119.5585,341,24074.50% 0.00 1,020.3 Cr
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. President Of India705.40300,855,18089.97% 0.00 21,222.3 Cr
Hindustan Copper Ltd. President Of India43.35703,587,85276.05% 0.00 3,050.1 Cr
Hindustan Zinc Ltd. President Of India254.151,247,950,59029.54% 0.00 31,716.7 Cr
HMT Ltd. President Of India18.901,128,056,62693.68% 0.00 2,132.0 Cr
Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd. President Of India President Of India24.3039,481,50058.78% 0.00 95.9 Cr
Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd. The President Of India Through Secretary Ministry Of Housing And Urban Affairs & The President Of India Through Secretary Ministry Of Rural Development Government Of India44.401,797,841,25389.81% 0.00 7,982.4 Cr
IDFC Ltd. President Of India39.60261,400,00016.37% 0.00 1,035.1 Cr
IFCI Ltd. President Of India11.10956,955,85756.42% 0.00 1,062.2 Cr
Indian Bank President Of India270.80391,369,63781.49% -0.24 10,598.3 Cr
Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd. President Of India39.9523,834,19626.00% 0.00 95.2 Cr
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. President Of India162.204,912,149,45952.18% -1.88 79,675.1 Cr
Ircon International Ltd. The President Of India416.3083,858,41789.16% 0.00 3,491.0 Cr
India Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. President Of India271.5074,641,68187.03% 0.00 2,026.5 Cr
ITI Ltd. President Of India102.35806,987,50089.97% 0.00 8,259.5 Cr
KIOCL Ltd. President Of India138.20616,051,20499.06% 0.00 8,513.8 Cr
Bank of Maharashtra President Of India16.152,415,640,41487.74% 0.73 3,901.3 Cr
Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd. President Of India139.05138,631,60074.00% 0.00 1,927.7 Cr
MMTC Ltd. President Of India27.301,348,903,14389.93% 0.00 3,682.5 Cr
MOIL Ltd. President Of India161.95144,280,69356.01% 0.00 2,336.6 Cr
MSTC Ltd. President Of India & Promodita Sathish Nominee President Of India & Subrata Sarkar Nominee President Of India & Ajay Kumar Rai Nominee President Of India & B B Singh Nominee President Of India & Bhanu Kumar Nominee President Of India101.6545,580,80064.74% NEW 463.3 Cr
Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. President Of India10.15354,378,74056.89% 0.00 359.7 Cr
National Aluminium Company Ltd. The President Of India51.25970,081,51752.00% -4.77 4,971.7 Cr
NBCC (India) Ltd. President Of India63.451,227,308,63568.18% -2.39 7,787.3 Cr
National Fertilizers Ltd. President Of India37.85366,529,53274.71% 0.00 1,387.3 Cr
NHPC Ltd. President Of India23.607,365,964,99373.33% -0.34 17,383.7 Cr
The New India Assurance Company Ltd. Government Of India In The Name Of President Of India165.901,408,000,00085.44% 0.00 23,358.7 Cr
NLC India Ltd. President Of India69.801,135,784,91081.91% -0.89 7,927.8 Cr
NMDC Ltd. President Of India102.152,213,035,71272.28% -0.15 22,606.2 Cr
NTPC Ltd. President Of India133.205,550,120,30156.09% -2.84 73,927.6 Cr
Oil India Ltd. President Of India185.20668,145,29261.61% -1.59 12,374.1 Cr
Oil And Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. President Of India173.658,082,685,42064.25% -1.39 140,355.8 Cr
Oriental Bank of Commerce President Of India105.351,199,989,37087.58% 10.35 12,641.9 Cr
Power Finance Corporation Ltd. President Of India119.101,558,889,41759.05% -2.43 18,566.4 Cr
Punjab National Bank Central Govt /State Govt/ President Of India89.253,471,692,26375.41% 5.19 30,984.9 Cr
Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. President Of India187.352,896,495,94255.37% -0.97 54,265.9 Cr
Punjab & Sind Bank President Of India28.55483,324,03285.56% 0.00 1,379.9 Cr
Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. President Of India63.95413,769,48375.00% 0.00 2,646.1 Cr
Rites Ltd. President Of India271.95174,800,00087.40% 0.00 4,753.7 Cr
Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. The President Of India27.802,085,020,094100.00% NEW 5,796.4 Cr
Steel Authority of India (SAIL) Ltd. President Of India53.603,097,767,44975.00% 0.00 16,604.0 Cr
State Bank of India President Of India361.705,098,882,97957.92% -0.61 184,426.6 Cr
Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. President Of India34.90296,942,97763.75% 0.00 1,036.3 Cr
Scooters India Ltd. President Of India26.0081,924,02993.87% 0.00 213.0 Cr
SJVN Ltd. President Of India24.302,433,875,56661.93% -0.75 5,914.3 Cr
State Trading Corporation Of India Ltd. Central Government (President Of India)127.7554,000,00090.00% 0.00 689.9 Cr
Tata Communications Ltd. President Of India552.9574,446,88526.12% 0.00 4,116.5 Cr
UCO Bank President Of India17.605,059,439,78093.29% 2.49 8,904.6 Cr
Union Bank of India President Of India77.401,309,477,23974.27% 6.84 10,135.4 Cr
United Bank of India President Of India (Acting On Behalf Of Government Of India)10.957,192,725,54396.83% 4.58 7,876.0 Cr
IDBI Bank Ltd. President Of India37.80-Below 1% First Time
Dredging Corporation Of India Ltd. President Of India400.75-Below 1% First Time
IDFC First Bank Ltd. President Of India45.90-Below 1% First Time
Syndicate Bank President Of India36.95-Below 1% First Time
Engineers India Ltd. President Of India127.55-Below 1% First Time
Indian Overseas Bank President Of India11.95-Below 1% First Time
REC Ltd. President Of India147.15-Below 1% First Time
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