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Anil Kumar Goel    
17 Apr 2018
Investor Anil Kumar Goel ups his stake in sugar stocks

Superstar investor Anil Kumar Goel, who has a portfolio worth over Rs. 490 crore, has increased his stake in four stocks in filings released so far. His biggest increase is in Dhampur Sugar Mills, where he has increased stake by 2.23%. He now holds over 10% in the company, a holding worth close to Rs. 76 crore. Goel has also increased his stake in Uttam Sugar. Goel also increased his stake in Thirumalai Chemicals and Technocraft Industries.

Sugar stocks have been in the red the past several months, and some investors like Goel may be seeing the current valuations as affordable. The government has been cracking down on sugar mills particularly in UP, where farmers are yet to receive payments for sugarcane. Over Rs. 8,000 crore is overdue to farmers due to delayed payments. Sugar mills are overall, in some financial trouble as an industry. Global sugar prices are down due to excess supply in the market, while in the domestic market, sugar prices continued to trade lower following oversupply and low demand. 


Anil Kumar Goel    
09 Mar 2018
Investor Anil Kumar Goel, who favors sugar stocks, is taking a hit

Sugar stocks have been trending down sharply in the past weeks after record domestic production in India is impacting prices. Sugar producers have been investing in new high-yield sugarcane varieties, and the result has been bumper harvests on the same acreage. As a consequence, investors who invested significant portions of their portfolio in sugar stocks are now seeing red, after share prices for sugar stocks fell.

Superstar investor Anil Kumar Goel for example, has a portfolio that includes Dwarikesh Sugar, Dhampur Sugar, Triveni Engineering and Uttam Sugar Mills. He has in fact raised his stake in key sugar stocks in the most recent quarter, including in Triveni, Uttam Sugar and Dhampur Sugar. He raised his stake in Triveni the most, increasing it by 1.04%.

Anil Goel holds a portfolio with a net worth of over Rs. 1,000 crore. More than 15% of this portfolio is in sugar stocks. He is experiencing something all investors pick up along the way - that the best way to weather downturns is to hold on to a diversified portfolio, and spread bets across sectors.  


Anil Kumar Goel    
13 Jan 2018
Bulk deal: Investor Anil Kumar Goel sells shares in Indsil Hydro Power

Anil Kumar Goel made two bulk deal sales totalling 200,000 shares on Friday in Indsil Hydro Power and and Manganese. Prior to this Seema Goel had sold 100,000 shares in the company on December 22nd. The share price of Indsil rose today on high volumes.