A and M Jumbo Bags Ltd.

NSE: AMJUMBO | BSE: amjumbo | ISIN: INE749Y01014
14.15 0.15 (1.07%)
NSE Nov 21, 2019 15:31
Volume: 8,000
Durability score
Valuation score
5 /100
Momnetum Score
Market Capitalizati...
9.9 Cr.
Price to Book Value
PE TTM Price to Ear...

Latest Bulk and Block deals for A and M Jumbo Bags Ltd. on NSE and BSE

The most recent Bulk for A and M Jumbo Bags Ltd. happened on 15 Nov 2019.

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Client NameDeal TypeActionDateAvg. PriceQuantityExchange
VIPULKUMAR PRAMODCHANDRA SHAHBulk Purchase 15 Nov 201913.9248,000NSE
HARESHBHAI CHIMANBHAI CHAUHANBulk Purchase 15 Nov 201914.1496,000NSE
H & N ADVISORY SERVICES LLPBulk Purchase 15 Nov 201913.9296,000NSE
BHARAT KUMAR SOMCHAND SHAHBulk Purchase 15 Nov 201914.1140,000NSE
TEJAS HARSHADBHAI PATELBulk Sell 15 Nov 201914.2040,000NSE
PARTH HITESHKUMAR SHAHBulk Sell 15 Nov 201913.7456,000NSE
JIGAR PRAMODBHAI SHAHBulk Sell 08 Nov 201913.4048,000NSE
TEJAS HARSHADBHAI PATELBulk Sell 06 Nov 201912.2040,000NSE
USHABEN DALPATBHAI BORICHABulk Purchase 05 Nov 201911.6540,000NSE
SHAH RAKHI NIRAJBulk Sell 22 Oct 2019880,000NSE
PARTH HITESHKUMAR SHAHBulk Purchase 18 Oct 20198.2040,000NSE
JIGAR PRAMODBHAI SHAHBulk Purchase 18 Oct 20198.5064,000NSE
NIRAJ NAGINDAS SHAH HUFBulk Sell 18 Oct 20198.37112,000NSE
NIRAJ NAGINDAS SHAHBulk Sell 18 Oct 20198.2088,000NSE
PARTH HITESHKUMAR SHAHBulk Purchase 26 Aug 20198.2548,000NSE
TEJAS HARSHADBHAI PATELBulk Sell 23 Aug 20199.0140,000NSE
TEJAS HARSHADBHAI PATELBulk Purchase 22 Aug 20199.75112,000NSE
TEJAS HARSHADBHAI PATELBulk Sell 22 Aug 20199.1316,000NSE
JIGAR PRAMODBHAI SHAHBulk Sell 22 Aug 20199.80104,000NSE
JIGAR PRAMODBHAI SHAHBulk Purchase 07 Jun 201947.0348,000NSE
ANAL PRATISH SHAHBulk Sell 07 Jun 201947.4320,000NSE
PARTH HITESHKUMAR SHAHBulk Purchase 22 Apr 201946.5010,000NSE
BHARGAV DEEPAK RAVANIBulk Sell 22 Apr 201946.5010,000NSE
NISHA JIGARBHAI SHAHBulk Purchase 02 Apr 201953.602,000NSE
NISHA JIGARBHAI SHAHBulk Sell 02 Apr 201953.7110,000NSE
NISHA JIGARBHAI SHAHBulk Purchase 28 Mar 201958.4914,000NSE
BHARGAV DEEPAK RAVANIBulk Purchase 12 Mar 20194410,000NSE
JIGAR PRAMODBHAI SHAHBulk Sell 12 Mar 20194410,000NSE
BALWANTSING UJAGARSINGH PANNUBulk Purchase 04 Feb 201965.6010,000NSE
TEJAS HARSHADBHAI PATELBulk Purchase 03 Jan 201950.3410,000NSE
BHARGAV DEEPAK RAVANIBulk Purchase 28 Aug 20186610,000NSE
SHAH RAKHI NIRAJBulk Purchase 22 May 201888.6810,000NSE
NIRAJ NAGINDAS SHAHBulk Purchase 22 May 201889.5010,000NSE
JIGAR PRAMODBHAI SHAHBulk Sell 22 May 201889.3010,000NSE
NIRAJ NAGINDAS SHAH HUFBulk Purchase 21 May 20188712,000NSE
NISHA JIGARBHAI SHAHBulk Sell 10 May 201887.7510,000NSE
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