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Board Meetings - OK Play India Ltd.

See past and forthcoming board meetings of OK Play India Ltd. - OKPLA, 526415

2021-07-07Audited Results(Revised)
2021-06-30Audited Results
2021-02-12Quarterly Results
2020-11-13Quarterly Results
2020-09-15Quarterly Results
2020-07-31Audited Results
2020-02-14Quarterly Results
2019-11-18Quarterly Results(Revised)
2019-11-14Quarterly Results
2019-08-14Quarterly Results
2019-05-30Audited Results
2019-02-14Quarterly Results
2018-11-10Quarterly Results
2018-08-14Quarterly Results
2018-05-30Audited Results
2018-02-14Quarterly Results
2017-12-14Quarterly Results
2017-09-14Quarterly Results
2017-06-09Audited Results(Revised)
2017-05-17OthersTo consider and approve raising of funds by the Company by way of Issue of Securities under applicable provisions or Section 42 and 62 of the Companies Act, 2013.
2017-02-14Quarterly Results
2016-11-14Quarterly Results
2016-09-01Issue of Securities
2016-08-12Quarterly Results
2016-05-27Audited Results
2016-01-25Quarterly Results
2015-11-13Quarterly Results
2015-08-14Quarterly Results
2015-05-30Audited Results
2014-11-14Quarterly Results
2014-08-14Quarterly Results
2014-05-30Audited Results
2014-02-12Quarterly Results
2013-11-14Quarterly Results
2013-08-14Quarterly Results
2013-05-30Audited Results
2013-02-14Quarterly Results
2012-11-14Quarterly Results
2012-08-14Quarterly Results
2012-05-30Audited Results
2012-02-13Quarterly Results
2011-11-10Quarterly Results
2011-08-10Quarterly Results
2011-06-21Audited Results(Revised)
2011-02-14Quarterly Results
2010-12-15Quarterly Results(Revised)
2010-08-13Quarterly Results
2010-06-05Audited Results(Board meeting adjourned from 30/05/2010 to 05/06/2010).
2010-01-27Quarterly Results
2009-10-30Quarterly Results
2009-07-31Quarterly Results
2009-07-20Audited Results(Revised)
2009-01-30Quarterly Results
2008-10-31Quarterly Results
2008-08-07Quarterly Results
2008-07-30Audited Results
2008-01-31Quarterly Results & Pref allotmentTo consider and approve the issue of Preferential Allotment of Equity Shares to Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd subject to the approval of the shareholders of the Company and such other approvals.
2007-10-31Quarterly Results
2007-07-28Quarterly Results
2007-07-27Audited Results(Revised)
2007-06-26To consider issue of GDR'sTo review the progress of the issue of Global Depository Receipts (GDRs).
2007-06-25Audited Results
2007-05-22GeneralTo review the progress of issue of Global Depository Receipts (GDRs).
2007-04-21OthersTo consider the contents of the letter dated April 10, 2007 received from the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd regarding the in-principle approval for the proposed issue of Global Depository Receipts (GDRs).
2007-02-19Raising of additional resourcesProposal to raise additional resources through issue of Global Depository Receipts (GDR) for an amount not exceeding US$ 15 million to cater to its fund requirements for expansion in India and abroad.
2007-01-19Quarterly Results
2007-01-10Quarterly Results & OthersTo consider the issue of Equity Shares / Convertible Debentures / Convertible Warrants / Convertible Securities / Global Depository Receipts (GDR's) / ADR's etc. (Cancelled)
2006-10-10To allot equity shares to promotersTo allot equity shares to promoters and associates as per rehabilitation scheme sanctioned by the Hon'ble Board for Industrial & Financial Reconstruction (BIFR).
2006-10-09Quarterly Results(Revised)
2006-07-28Quarterly Results
2006-05-29Allotment of equity sharesTo consider and allot equity shares to the promoters and associates as per rehabilitation scheme sanctioned by the Honble Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR).
2006-01-31OthersTo deal with the allotment of shares as per scheme sanctioned by the Hon'ble Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) vide order dated December 06, 2005.
2005-12-27Rehabilitation schemeTo take on record rehabilitation scheme sanctioned by the Honble BIFR and consider all matters and direction given thereat.
2005-10-28Quarterly Results
2005-07-26Quarterly Results & Accounts
2005-01-28Quarterly Results
2004-10-29Quarterly Results
2004-07-30Quarterly Results
2004-01-31Quarterly Results
2003-07-31Quarterly Results
2003-06-30Accounts & OthersVoluntary Delisting of SharesFrom Delhi Stock Exchange, Ahmedabad Stock Exchange & JaipurStock Exchange &
2003-01-24Quarterly Results
2002-10-30Quarterly Results
2002-07-31Quarterly Results
2002-01-31Quarterly Results
2001-10-23Quarterly Results
2001-07-31Quarterly Results
2001-04-30Quarterly Results
2001-01-31Quarterly Results
2000-10-31Quarterly Results
2000-07-28Quarterly Results
2000-01-31Quarterly Results
1999-07-30Quarterly Results