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Board Meetings - Gallantt Metal Ltd.

See past and forthcoming board meetings of Gallantt Metal Ltd. - GALLANTT, 532726

2021-11-13Quarterly Results
2021-08-07Quarterly Results
2021-06-29Audited Results
2021-02-12Quarterly Results
2020-11-04Quarterly Results & OthersInter alia, To consider and approve the Appointment of Director(s).
2020-07-28Quarterly Results
2020-06-29Audited Results
2020-01-18Quarterly Resultsinter alia, 1. To consider and approve the SoA of AAR Commercial Company Ltd., Gallantt Ispat Ltd., Hipoline Commerce Private Ltd., Richie Credit and Finance Private Ltd. with Gallantt Metal Ltd.
2019-10-21Quarterly Results
2019-08-13Quarterly Results
2019-04-29Audited Results & Dividend
2019-02-07Quarterly Results
2018-11-14Quarterly Results
2018-10-25Quarterly Results
2018-08-11Unaudited Financial Results
2018-05-21Audited Results & Dividend(Revised)
2018-02-28Others1. Investment in the Equity Capital of GL Steel and Power Limited. 2. Acquisition of GL Steel and Power Limited as a Wholly Owned Subsidiary.
2018-01-15Quarterly Results
2017-12-14Quarterly Results
2017-09-14Quarterly Results
2017-05-04Audited Results
2017-02-13Quarterly Results
2016-10-27Quarterly Results
2016-08-08Quarterly Results
2016-05-30Audited Results
2016-02-13Quarterly Results
2015-10-23Quarterly Results
2015-08-28Others1. Re-appointment of Mr. Chandra Prakash Agrawal as a Managing Director of the Company. 2. Re-appointment of Mr. Dinesh Kumar Raghubir Prasad Agarwal as a Whole-time Director of the Company.
2015-08-10Quarterly Results
2015-05-28Audited Results
2015-02-07Quarterly Results
2014-11-12Quarterly Results
2014-08-14Quarterly Results
2014-05-29Audited Results
2014-02-13Quarterly Results
2013-11-13Quarterly Results
2013-07-20Quarterly Results
2013-05-24Audited Results
2013-03-30OthersTo consider the matter of substantial acquiring shares/stakes in other Company.
2013-02-13Quarterly Results
2012-10-16Quarterly Results
2012-08-11Quarterly Results
2012-05-29Audited Results
2012-03-29Appointment of DirectorFor appointment of Mr. Prasant Kankrania, Son of Mr. Subhas Kumar Knakrania as an Additional Independent Director of the Company who will hold office of the Company till next AGM of the Company.
2012-02-13Quarterly Results
2011-12-29Shifting of registered office of the Co.The Board has passed a resolution to shift the registered office of the Company from 11, Crooked Lane, 2nd Floor, Kolkata-700069 to 1, Crooked Lane, 2nd Floor, Room No. 222 & 223, Kolkata-700069.
2011-11-11Quarterly Results
2011-08-11Quarterly Results
2011-05-27Audited Results
2011-02-11Quarterly Results
2010-11-12Quarterly Results
2010-09-06GeneralThe Board approved the expansion plan of the Company at village-Halavarthi, Taluke & District - Koppal, Karnataka & the Company has acquired a land of 106 acres (approx.) for the expansion plan.
2010-08-12Quarterly Results
2010-06-24Shifting of registered office of the Co.To shift the registered office of the Company from "ASHYANA" 29C, Bentick Street, Mizzenine Floor, Kolkata-700069" to "11, CROOKED LANE, SECOND FLOOR, KOLKATA-700069 (WEST BENGAL)".
2010-05-29Audited Results
2010-03-31OthersThe Board has accepted the resignation Mr. Maheshkumar Hukmichand Gupta & Mr. Manish Pukhraj Jajoo from the Whole-time Directorship & Independent Director of the Company.
2010-01-13Quarterly Results
2009-10-30Quarterly Results
2009-10-10OthersThe Board has accepted the resignation of Mr. Nitin M. Kandoi from Whole-time employment of the Company, Further, he will continue on the Board of the Company as a Non-Executive Director.
2009-08-01Appointment / Resignation of DirectorTo appoint Mr. Virendra Kumar Keshri as an Additional Director of the Company & to accept the resignation of Mr. Sushil Kumar Agrawal, Non-executive Independent Director of the Company.
2009-07-16Quarterly Results
2009-06-30Audited Results
2009-01-30Quarterly Results
2008-11-24Allotment of equity shares & OthersTo allot 50,00,000 Equity Shares of Rs 10/-each at a premium of Rs 21/- per share to Elara India Opportunities Fund Ltd & to appoint Mr. Manish Jajoo S/o Mr. Pukhraj Jajoo as an Additional Director.
2008-10-30Quarterly Results
2008-09-17To consider Allotment of equity sharesTo issue 50,00,000 Equity Shares of face value of Rs 10/- at a price to Foreign Institutional Investor/NRIs/ Strategic Investor on pref. allotment basis & to increase the Authorised Share Capital.
2008-07-28Quarterly Results
2008-06-26Audited Results
2008-01-10Quarterly Results
2007-10-29Quarterly Results
2007-07-31Quarterly Results
2007-06-29Audited Results
2007-01-31Quarterly Results
2006-10-31Quarterly Results
2006-07-31Quarterly Results