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Board Meetings - City Union Bank Ltd.

See past and forthcoming board meetings of City Union Bank Ltd. - CUB, 532210

Ex-date Purpose Notes
2022-07-06 A.G.M. & Others Inter alia, to consider (1) To Fix the date of the ensuing AGM and agenda items to be included in Notice of the AGM.
2022-05-27 Audited Results & Dividend
2022-02-04 Quarterly Results
2021-11-12 Quarterly Results
2021-07-19 Final Dividend & A.G.M.
2021-05-28 Audited Results & Interim Dividend
2021-02-03 Quarterly Results
2020-11-02 Quarterly Results
2020-08-13 Quarterly Results
2020-07-13 To consider raising of funds To raise capital through any one or more of the method prescribed u/r 29 (1)(d) of SEBI LODR for inclusion in Notice of ensuing AGM and to seek approval of shareholders.
2020-06-18 Audited Results
2020-03-19 Interim Dividend
2020-02-12 Quarterly Results
2019-11-07 Quarterly Results
2019-08-08 Quarterly Results
2019-07-18 Others inter alia, to consider and approve Date of AGM and inclusion of an Agenda item in the Notice of ensuing AGM seeking shareholders approval for passing enabling resolutions to raise capital.
2019-05-17 Audited Results & Dividend
2019-01-28 Quarterly Results
2018-11-02 Quarterly Results
2018-08-08 Quarterly Results
2018-07-26 Others
2018-05-24 Audited Results, Dividend & Bonus
2018-02-07 Quarterly Results
2017-11-08 Quarterly Results
2017-08-09 Quarterly Results
2017-07-21 Others
2017-05-29 Audited Results, Dividend & Bonus
2017-02-08 Quarterly Results
2016-11-10 Quarterly Results
2016-08-10 Quarterly Results
2016-07-21 Others Finalizing the date of Annual General Meeting (AGM) and agenda items to be included in the Notice of AGM.
2016-05-23 Audited Results & Final Dividend
2016-03-12 Interim Dividend
2016-02-11 Quarterly Results
2015-12-22 Others Approved a policy on Determination of criteria for Materiality of Events' and resolved to severally authorize Dr. N. Kamakodi, Managing Director & CEO and Shri V. Ramesh, Company Secretary of the Bank
2015-10-29 Quarterly Results
2015-08-12 Quarterly Results
2015-06-22 Others Approval for raising capital through QIP. The Bank has raised capital through QIP issue recently during .
2015-05-23 Audited Results & Dividend
2015-01-24 Quarterly Results
2014-12-24 Delisting of equity shares from MSE To consider voluntary delisting of the Bank's equity shares from Madras Stock Exchange Ltd., in terms of provisions of Regulation 6 & 7 of SEBI (Delisting of Equity Shares) Regulations, 2009.
2014-11-07 Quarterly Results
2014-08-06 Quarterly Results
2014-05-26 Audited Results & Dividend
2014-02-06 Quarterly Results
2013-11-08 Quarterly Results
2013-07-29 Quarterly Results & Others To consider, further issue of equity shares subject to the applicable laws and regulations including RBI & SEBI Guidelines.
2013-05-20 Interim Dividend
2013-02-08 Quarterly Results
2012-11-03 Quarterly Results
2012-08-03 Quarterly Results
2012-06-22 Augmentation of capital To consider an enabling resolution for augmentation of Capital through a process of QIP that is proposed to be placed before Shareholders for their approval at the ensuing AGM of the Company.
2012-05-18 Audited Results & Dividend
2012-01-31 Others The Board has resolved to authorize the commencement of preparatory work in connection with the proposed Rights Issue, subject to RBI and SEBI Guidelines for an amount not exceeding Rs. 400 Crs.
2011-11-05 Quarterly Results
2011-07-29 Quarterly Results
2011-06-24 Qualified Institutional Placement The Board has resolved to augment Capital upto Rs. 300 Crs (inclusive of premium) through a process of QIP and approach the shareholders of the Bank for their approval at the ensuing AGM.
2011-05-27 Audited Results & Dividend
2011-02-10 Quarterly Results
2010-11-15 Quarterly Results
2010-07-31 Quarterly Results
2010-06-29 To consider issue of Equity Shares The Board have resolved to issue Equity Shares by way of Qualified Institutional Placement route up to Rs. 300 Crs in accordance with the SEBI Guidelines and subject to necessary approvals.
2010-05-26 Audited Results, Dividend & ESOP To grant of 3,46,000, stock options in aggregate under CUB ESOS-2008 Series II to the employees of the bank in accordance with the provisions of the SEBI (ESOS & ESPS) Guidelines, 1999.
2010-02-25 Appointment of Director's The Board of Director's has appointed Shri C. R. Muralidharan and Justice. S. R. Singharavelu as Directors of the Company.
2010-01-30 Quarterly Results
2009-10-31 Rights Issue To issue of 8,00,00,000 Equity Shares of Re. 1/- towards face value and Rs. 5/- towards premium per Equity Share in the ratio of 1:4.
2009-08-31 Resignation of Director The Board has accepted the resignation of Shri. T S Venkatasubban from the Directionship of the Company.
2009-07-31 Quarterly Results
2009-06-30 Issue of Equity Shares on Rights Basis To issue 8,00,00,000 equity shares of Rs 1/- each on Rights basis at a suitable premium in the ratio of 4:1 & to issue equity shares by way of QIP route upto Rs 300 Crs.
2009-06-11 Audited Results & Dividend
2009-04-27 Others To take record on the appointment of Shri P Vaidyanathan as Part time Non Executive Chairman of the Bank for a period of two years with effect from April 27, 2009.
2009-01-28 Quarterly Results
2008-12-06 To grant Stock options to Employee's To grant of 2,25,00,000 stock options in aggregate under series 1 to the employees of the Bank in accordance with the provisions of the Securities and Exchange Board of India Guidelines, 1999.
2008-10-23 Quarterly Results
2008-07-30 Quarterly Results
2008-05-23 Audited Results & Dividend
2008-03-28 To raise further equity capital The Board had decided to raise further equity capital through Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP) / Preferential Allotment and to introduce Employee Stock Option Scheme.
2008-02-22 Interim Dividend & Others To consider further issue of equity shares subject to the applicable laws and regulations including RBI & SEBI Guidelines.
2008-01-30 Quarterly Results
2007-10-26 Quarterly Results
2007-10-08 Allotment of equity shares
2007-07-24 Quarterly Results
2007-05-21 Audited Results & Dividend
2007-03-29 Allotment of equity shares To allot 12,00,000 equity shares of Rs 10/- each at a price of Rs 169/- per share (including a share premium of Rs 159/- per share) on preferential basis to Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
2007-01-27 Quarterly Results
2006-11-30 Others To consider further issue of equity shares by way of preferential allotment
2006-10-30 Quarterly Results
2006-07-27 Quarterly Results
2006-06-07 Dividend
2006-01-31 Quarterly Results
2005-10-29 Quarterly Results
2005-07-30 Quarterly Results
2005-06-02 Accounts & Dividend
2005-01-31 Quarterly Results
2004-10-26 Quarterly Results
2004-07-28 Quarterly Results
2004-05-24 Dividend
2004-01-24 Quarterly Results
2003-10-29 Quarterly Results
2003-07-26 Quarterly Results