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Board Meetings - Century Plyboards (India) Ltd.

See past and forthcoming board meetings of Century Plyboards (India) Ltd. - CENTURYPLY, 532548

2021-06-10Audited Results
2021-02-09Quarterly Results
2020-11-10Quarterly Results
2020-08-12Quarterly Results
2020-06-26Audited Results(Revised)
2020-06-19Audited Results
2020-02-13Interim Dividend
2020-02-03Quarterly Results
2019-11-08Quarterly Results
2019-08-09Quarterly Results
2019-05-27Audited Results & Dividend
2019-02-05Quarterly Results
2018-11-05Quarterly Results
2018-07-24Quarterly Results
2018-05-16Audited Results & Dividend
2018-02-05Quarterly Results
2017-10-30Quarterly Results
2017-08-01Quarterly Results
2017-05-23Audited Results & Dividend
2017-01-31Quarterly Results
2016-11-01Quarterly Results
2016-08-02Quarterly Results
2016-05-10Audited Results & Final Dividend
2016-03-08Interim Dividend
2016-01-28Quarterly ResultsRevised the Company's Code of Conduct for Regulating, Monitoring and Reporting of trading by Insiders & Code of Practices and Procedures for Fair Disclosures of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information
2015-11-04Quarterly Results
2015-07-21Quarterly ResultsApproved a proposal for setting-up a MDF Board unit at Punjab.
2015-04-28Audited Results & Final Dividend
2015-01-21Quarterly Results & Interim Dividend
2014-10-30Quarterly Results
2014-07-24Quarterly Results
2014-05-10Audited Results & Dividend
2014-01-20Quarterly Results
2013-10-30Quarterly Results
2013-07-31Quarterly Results
2013-07-08Dividend & Others
2013-05-30Audited Results
2013-02-13Scheme of ArrangementTo considering the Scheme of Arrangement proposed to be made between the Company and Star Ferro and Cement Limited.
2013-02-01Quarterly Results
2012-11-06Quarterly Results
2012-07-24Quarterly Results
2012-05-09Audited Results, Dividend & DemergerFor demerger of the Ferro Alloy and Cement Division of the Company to Star Ferro and Cement Ltd. pursuant to the provisions of Sections 391 and 394 of the Companies Act, 1956.
2012-03-30Othersinter alia, to consider the following: 1.Resignation of Shri S. B. Ganguly 2. Appointment of Additional Director 3.Increase in sitting fees for attending Board Meeting
2012-01-19Quarterly Results & AmalgamationThe Board decided to withdraw the said scheme and consider a fresh Scheme with a new appointed date in due course.
2011-10-31Quarterly Results
2011-08-19Interim Dividend
2011-07-20Quarterly Results
2011-06-30To review the shareholding patternThe Board reviewed the shareholding pattern of the Company, on review it was found that the Company allotted 1,19,73,751 Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each pursuant to two Schemes of Amalgamation.
2011-05-24Audited Results & Dividend
2011-03-28Scheme of ArrangementFor demerger of the Ferro Alloy and Cement Division of the Company to Star Ferro and Cement Ltd. pursuant to the provisions of Sections 391 and 394 of the Companies Act, 1956.
2011-02-07Quarterly Results & Others1. Reappointment of Shri Sajjan Bhajanka as Managing Director. 2. Reappointment of Shri Sanjay Agarwal as Joint Managing Director. 3. Reappointment of Shri Ajay Baldawa as Executive Director.
2010-10-29Quarterly Results
2010-07-21Quarterly Results & DemergerTo de-merger of different business segments of the Company into three separate legal entities - the present Company retaining plywood, laminate & logistic segments.
2010-05-28Audited Results & Dividend
2010-01-21Quarterly Results
2009-11-30Scheme of AmalgamationTo approve the draft Scheme of Amalgamation of the Co's WoS M/s. Cent Ply Pvt. Ltd. with it & the entire Share will be cancelled & hence this Amalgamation does not involve any issue of Shares.
2009-10-21Qtrly Results, Intm Dividend & OthersTo merge its wholly owned subsidiary, M/s. Cent Ply Pvt. Ltd. with the Company and asked the Company Secretary to examine the viability of the proposed merger.
2009-07-27Quarterly Results(Revised)
2009-06-30Audited Results & Dividend
2009-01-28Quarterly Results
2008-10-30Quarterly Results
2008-07-31Quarterly Results
2008-06-26Audited Results, Dividend & OthersTo Appoint Shri. S B Ganguly as an Additional Director of the Company and to fix date, time and venue for the next Annual General Meeting.
2008-04-16To consider allotment of sharesTo allot shares to the shareholders of erstwhile Century Panels Pvt Ltd., Sharon Veneers Pvt Ltd and Sharon Wood Industries Pvt Ltd as per the Scheme of Amalgamation.
2008-01-24Quarterly Results
2007-12-18Stock SplitFrom Rs.10 to Rs.1
2007-10-30Quarterly Results
2007-07-30Quarterly Results
2007-06-02To consider valuation reportTo consider draft Scheme of Amalgamation along with valuation report for amalgamation.
2007-05-16Audited Results & AmalgamationProposal of Amalgamation of following Companies with the Company - Century Panels Pvt Ltd - Sharon Veneers Pvt Ltd - Sharon Wood Industries Pvt Ltd
2007-03-14Interim Dividend
2007-01-30Quarterly Results
2006-10-30Quarterly Results
2006-07-26Quarterly Results & Interim DividendInterim Dividend for 2005-2006.
2006-04-30Quarterly Results
2006-02-24To discuss the proposal of mergerScheme of Amalgamation of Shyam Century Ferrous Ltd (SCFL) with the Company.
2006-02-13Increase in Authorised CapitalPreferential issue of equity shares of the company to promoters and Amalgamation.
2006-01-31Quarterly Results
2005-10-31Quarterly Results
2005-07-30Quarterly Results
2005-06-21Accounts & Dividend
2005-01-31Quarterly Results
2004-10-30Quarterly Results