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Board Meetings - Blue Star Ltd.

See past and forthcoming board meetings of Blue Star Ltd. - BLUESTARCO, 500067

2021-05-06Audited Results & Final Dividend
2021-01-29Quarterly Results
2020-10-28Quarterly Results
2020-08-06Quarterly Results
2020-05-29OthersInter alia to consider and approve the terms and conditions and other matters in relation to the issue of Unsecured, Listed Non-Convertible Debentures on private placement basis.
2020-05-12Audited Results
2020-04-30OthersInter alia, to consider and approve, raising of funds by way of issuance of Non - Convertible Debentures on private placement basis.
2020-03-12Interim Dividend
2020-01-30Quarterly Results
2019-11-13Quarterly Results
2019-08-13Quarterly Results
2019-05-02Audited Results & Final Dividend
2019-02-05Quarterly Results
2018-10-30Quarterly Results
2018-08-08Quarterly Results
2018-05-14Audited Results & Dividend
2018-02-06Quarterly Results
2017-10-31Quarterly Results
2017-08-11Quarterly Results
2017-05-09Audited Results & Dividend
2017-01-25Quarterly Results
2016-11-10Quarterly Results
2016-08-01Quarterly Results
2016-05-30Audited Results
2016-03-111st Interim Dividend
2016-01-29Quarterly ResultsAppointment of Mr. B. Thiagarajan as Joint Managing Director Mr. B. Thiagarajan, has been appointed as Joint Managing Director of the Company.
2015-10-26Quarterly Results
2015-09-29Scheme of AmalgamationAmalgamation of Blue Star Infotech Business Intelligence & Analytics Private Limited (BSIAPL) with the combined Blue Star Limited ("Proposed Amalgamation").
2015-07-28Quarterly Results
2015-05-29Audited Results & Dividend
2015-01-21Quarterly Results
2014-10-21Quarterly Results
2014-07-28Quarterly Results
2014-05-30Audited Results & Dividend
2014-01-23Quarterly Results
2013-10-28Quarterly Results
2013-07-22Quarterly Results
2013-05-13Audited Results & Dividend
2013-01-18Quarterly Results
2012-10-19Quarterly Results
2012-07-31Quarterly Results
2012-05-16Audited Results
2012-01-27Quarterly Results
2011-10-22Quarterly Results
2011-07-29Quarterly Results
2011-05-24Audited Results & Dividend
2011-01-27Quarterly Results
2010-10-29Quarterly Results
2010-07-26Quarterly Results
2010-05-31OthersThe Board has approved a proposal for the strategic acquisition of the business of D.S. Gupta Constructions Pvt. Ltd., a leading Plumbing Contracting firm, as a going concern.
2010-05-12Audited Results & Dividend
2010-01-25Quarterly Results
2009-10-26Quarterly Results
2009-07-27Quarterly Results
2009-05-15Audited Results & Dividend
2009-01-27Quarterly Results
2008-10-27Quarterly Results
2008-07-28Quarterly Results
2008-05-12Audited Results & Dividend
2008-01-30Quarterly Results
2007-12-05Proposal for purchase of a businessInter alia, to consider a proposal for purchase of a business.
2007-10-29Merger of an Investment companyA Board Meeting will be held to consider merger of four investment Co's viz. Admo Holdings Pvt Ltd., Sunag Investments Pvt Ltd., Sunashad Investments Pvt Ltd and Mohan T Advani Finance Ltd.
2007-10-24Quarterly Results
2007-07-25Quarterly Results
2007-05-09Audited Results & Dividend
2007-03-16Interim Dividend
2007-01-29Quarterly Results
2006-10-30Quarterly Results
2006-07-25Quarterly Results
2006-05-12Accounts, Dividend & Stock Split
2006-01-27Quarterly Results
2005-10-31Quarterly Results
2005-07-27Quarterly Results
2005-05-11Dividend & Accounts
2005-01-25Quarterly Results
2004-10-29Half Yearly Results
2004-07-26Quarterly Results
2004-05-12Accounts & Dividend
2004-01-27Quarterly Results
2003-10-20Quarterly Results
2003-07-23Quarterly Results
2003-03-27OthersProposal for sale of shares held by the company in Yokogawa Blue Star Ltd. to Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Japan.
2003-01-29Quarterly Results
2002-10-31Quarterly Results
2002-07-29Quarterly Results
2002-05-06Dividend & Accounts
2002-03-06Interim Dividend
2002-01-24Quarterly Results
2001-11-23BuybackBuy Back of Shares
2001-10-25Quarterly Results
2001-07-30Quarterly Results
2001-05-16Accounts & Dividend
2001-02-26Half Yearly Results
2001-01-29Quarterly Results
2000-10-30Quarterly Results
2000-07-28Quarterly Results
2000-05-18Accounts & Dividend
2000-04-07Interim Dividend
2000-01-31Quarterly Results