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Board Meetings - Aurionpro Solutions Ltd.

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2021-05-28Audited Results & Dividend
2021-02-05Quarterly Results
2020-11-06Quarterly Results
2020-09-07Quarterly Results
2020-06-29Audited Results & Dividend
2020-02-12Quarterly Results
2019-11-12Quarterly Results
2019-08-08Quarterly Results
2019-05-02Audited Results & Dividend
2019-03-25Buy Back of Shares
2019-01-22Quarterly Results
2018-10-27Quarterly Results
2018-08-06Quarterly Results
2018-05-30Audited Results & Dividend
2018-02-13Quarterly Results
2017-12-08Quarterly Results
2017-08-28Quarterly Results
2017-05-30Audited Results & Dividend
2017-02-13Quarterly Results
2016-11-12Quarterly Results(Revised from 11/11/2016)
2016-08-12Quarterly Results
2016-05-30Audited Results & Dividend
2016-02-12Quarterly Results
2015-11-05Quarterly Results
2015-08-11Quarterly Results
2015-05-28Audited Results & Dividend
2015-03-27Appointment of Director
2015-02-10Quarterly Results
2014-11-11Quarterly Results
2014-08-13Quarterly Results
2014-05-30Audited Results
2014-03-27OthersTo consider Evaluation of Merger Proposal
2014-02-14Quarterly Results
2013-10-30Quarterly Results
2013-08-12Quarterly Results
2013-05-28Audited Results & Dividend
2013-02-08Quarterly Results
2012-11-08Quarterly Results
2012-08-28Audited Results & Dividend
2012-08-14Quarterly Results
2012-05-14Quarterly Results
2012-02-14Quarterly Results
2011-11-14Quarterly Results
2011-08-31Audited Results & Dividend
2011-08-12Quarterly Results
2011-05-14Quarterly Results
2011-02-10Quarterly Results
2010-11-15Quarterly Results
2010-09-24Scheme of ArrangementTo approve Scheme of Arrangement and Merger of Kairolef Analytic Pvt. Ltd. into the Aurionpro Solutions Ltd., subject to the approval of the High Court of Judicature at Mumbai.
2010-08-12Quarterly Results
2010-07-12Audited Results, Dividend & MergerThe BoD has approved in principle to pursue a Scheme of Arrangement for Merger of its wholly owned subsidiaries viz, E2E Infotech (India) Pvt. Ltd. & SENA Systems Pvt. Ltd. with the Company. (Revised)
2010-01-29Quarterly Results
2009-12-31Scheme of Arrangement & MergerTo consider & approve the Scheme of Arrangement & Merger of Kairotef Analytic Pvt Ltd. into the Aurionpro Solutions Ltd, subject to the approval of the High Court of judicature at Mumbai.
2009-10-30Quarterly Results
2009-07-31Quarterly Results
2009-06-30Audited Results & Dividend
2009-01-30Quarterly Results
2008-10-31Quarterly Results
2008-09-19To consider Preferencial AllotmentTo consider preferential allottment of 1,50,000 equity shares against convertible warrants issued on March 22, 2007.
2008-09-07Audited Results & Dividend(Revised)
2008-07-31To consider allotment of sharesTo make preferential allotment of 2,75,000 shares to SENA Systems Inc, USA against swap of 9,76,164 shares or SENA Systems Inc, USA as part of closure of Merger.
2008-06-11Preferencial allotement of equity sharesThe Board had considered preferential allotment of 12,62,500 equity shares & 19,35,000 Convertible Warrants (face value Rs 10 each) at an Issue price Rs 425/-per share at a premium of Rs 415/-.
2008-04-29Quarterly Results
2008-03-03Proposal of an overseas acquisitionTo consider the proposal of an overseas acquisition and proposal for capital augmentation in the Company.
2008-02-19To make preferential allotmentto make preferential allotment of 2,25,000 shares to 49% shareholders of E2E Infotech Ltd against swap of 4,900 shares of E2E Infotech Ltd as part of closure of Share Purchase Agreement.
2008-01-31Quarterly Results
2007-10-29Quarterly Results
2007-08-17Audited Results & Final Dividend
2007-07-20Quarterly Results
2007-06-30Audited Results
2007-04-25Quarterly Results(Revised)
2007-02-07To consider raising of fundsTo consider the proposal of raising finance through Preferential Issue route.
2007-01-25Quarterly Results
2007-01-08MergerTo consider and approve merger between the Company and Aurionpro Services Pvt Ltd, the promoter Company.
2006-10-26Preferential AllotmentInter alia, to take on record the allotment of 3,12,438 Equity Shares of the Company by way of private placement on preferential allotment basis.
2006-10-18Quarterly Results
2006-08-30Accounts & Final Dividend
2006-07-20Quarterly Results
2006-04-29Quarterly Results
2006-01-23Quarterly Results
2005-12-01Merger of Agilesolv Solutions LLC,Inter alia, has approved the merger of Agilesolv Solutions LLC, its wholly owned subsidiary with Aurionpro Solutions Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary in the State of Connecticut, US.
2005-10-28Quarterly Results