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Board Meetings - Asahi India Glass Ltd.

See past and forthcoming board meetings of Asahi India Glass Ltd. - ASAHIINDIA, 515030

2021-06-16Audited Results & Dividend
2021-02-10Quarterly Results
2020-11-04Quarterly Results
2020-06-24Audited Results
2020-03-10Interim Dividend
2020-02-12Quarterly Results
2019-11-12Quarterly Results
2019-08-06Quarterly Results
2019-05-22Audited Results & Dividend
2019-02-12Quarterly Results
2018-11-05Quarterly Results
2018-08-07Quarterly Results
2018-05-25Audited Results & Dividend
2018-02-13Quarterly Results
2017-11-08Quarterly Results
2017-08-10Quarterly Results
2017-05-24Audited Results & Dividend
2017-02-15Quarterly Results
2016-11-07Quarterly Results
2016-08-12Quarterly Results
2016-05-24Audited Results & DividendResignation of Mr. Kenichi Ayukawa, Director w.e.f. June 01, 2016 and appointment of Mr. Toshiaki Hasuike as Director of the Company w.e.f. June 01, 2016.
2016-02-10Quarterly Results
2015-11-03Quarterly Results
2015-08-05Quarterly Results
2015-05-21Audited Results
2015-02-12Quarterly Results
2014-11-12Quarterly Results
2014-08-06Quarterly Results
2014-05-22Audited Results
2014-02-11Quarterly Results
2013-11-13Quarterly Results
2013-08-14Quarterly Results
2013-05-21Audited Results
2013-02-11Quarterly Results
2012-11-08Quarterly Results
2012-10-10Right Issue of Equity SharesTo consider and if thought fit, to approve the proposal for further issue of equity shares on rights basis, to existing shareholders of the Company.
2012-08-08Quarterly Results
2012-05-17Audited Results
2012-01-25Quarterly Results
2011-11-10Quarterly Results
2011-07-27Quarterly Results
2011-05-16Audited Results
2011-01-25Quarterly Results
2010-10-28Quarterly Results
2010-07-28Quarterly Results
2010-05-14Audited Results
2010-01-21Quarterly Results
2009-10-29Quarterly Results
2009-07-28Quarterly Results
2009-05-27Audited Results & OthersTo shift the Registered Office of the Co. from "12, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi - 110057" to "38, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase III, New Delhi - 110020" w.e.f September 01, 2009.
2009-01-28Quarterly Results
2008-10-23Quarterly Results
2008-07-30Quarterly Results
2008-05-06Audited Results
2008-01-22Quarterly Results & Others
2007-10-26Quarterly Results
2007-07-25Quarterly Results
2007-05-28Audited Results
2007-03-17Interim Dividend
2007-01-22Quarterly Results
2006-10-20Quarterly & Half Yearly Results
2006-07-28Quarterly Results
2006-05-16Accounts & Dividend
2006-01-24Quarterly Results
2005-12-30Appointment of Independent DirectorsTo consider and approve the appointment of independent directors in terms of provisions of revised clause 49 of the listing agreement.
2005-10-31Quarterly Results
2005-07-26Quarterly Results
2005-05-24Accounts & Dividend
2005-01-27Quarterly Results
2004-12-03OthersTo inter-alia, consider and approve project cost and schedule of the integrated glass plant being set up by the company in the State of Uttaranchal.
2004-10-30Interim Dividend & Quarterly Results& Expansion Plans.
2004-09-11OthersTo consider and approve redemption of 10% cumulative redeemable preference shares of Rs. 10/- each and to declare dividend of preference shares for the FY 2004-05, payable on pro-rata basis.
2004-07-30Quarterly Results
2004-05-13Accounts & Dividend
2004-01-30Quarterly Results & Generala) Setting up of glass processing facilities at Taloja. b) Listing of prefernce shares, allotted to the shareholders of the earstwhile, Floatglass Ltd. with the company.
2003-11-21OthersExpansion Plan of the Automotive Glass SBU of the Company
2003-10-31Quarterly Results
2003-08-22Accounts, Dividend & OthersVoluntary Delisting of Shares from Ahmedabad, Calcutta and Delhi Stock Exchanges
2003-07-31Quarterly Results
2003-04-26Accounts & Quarterly Results
2003-01-30Quarterly Results & OthersTo consider amalgamation of its subsidiary, Floatglass India Ltd. with the company.
2002-10-28Quarterly Results
2002-07-29Accounts. Dividend & OthersQuarterly Results & Stock Split
2002-06-19Accounts & Dividend(Cancelled)
2002-04-24Quarterly Results
2002-03-07Interim Dividend
2002-01-25Quarterly Results
2001-10-31Quarterly Results & Half Yearly Results
2001-10-01OthersAllotment of bonus shares and shifting of registered office
2001-09-20OthersTo consider inter allia, acquisition of shares of Floatglass India ltd from Asahi Glass Co. Japan and consequently making an open offer to the remaining shareholders.
2001-07-27Quarterly Results
2001-05-25Accounts, Dividend & Bonus Issue
2001-01-31Quarterly Results
2000-10-17Quarterly Results & Half Yearly Results
2000-07-31Quarterly Results
2000-05-29Accounts & Dividend
2000-04-29Accounts & Dividend
2000-04-04Interim Dividend
2000-01-31Quarterly Results